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duder - 19/11/2017
Sounds like a title for a search game. I don't have the cartridge for this game so we can't figure that out. Due to that, we could just imagine the game.

You really had to scroll down that much didn't you?

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GenreBrain - MemoryYear1983

Glass, Michael K.


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According to VideoSoft founder Jerry Lawson, this game was either finished or close to being. For use with Amiga's never released Power Module peripheral. Catalog description: 'The perfect game for kids of all ages - from 6 to 60. The object is to locate each of the items the computer asks you to find. A comb. An iron. A telephone. Or just about anything else. Just as easy as you remember it, right? Well, does 'Beware of Dog' sound familiar? How about. 'You'd better be home before dark'? It'll be just like 'old times'...'

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