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Hoessi666 - 01/03/2020
The best Tennis-Game on the System and even Fun playing against the Computer. Technically superior to Activions fine Tennis.
Paul Humbug - 01/05/2006
I forgot to mention that I was amazed by the intro: the "Tennis" logo bouncing in super soft scrolling like a tennis ball. That I considered a very good intro for a generation of VCS games not even bothering with a title screen.
Paul Humbug - 01/05/2006
Well, my first tennis game ever. I was disappointed because it rather played like Ping-Pong. No netballs, far away from real tennis but quite fun against a human opponent. I never understood why the actual lines of a tennis court were not drawn. It would have given the appearance a little bit more realism. After all, this was what was available and affordable (the homecomputers or Nintendo/Sega were still too expensive for us) and we did not complain much.

Information - RealSports Tennis

GenreSports - TennisYear
Players1, 1 vs. 2, DemoCountryArgentina

Macrae, Douglas B. / Hodgkinson, Alan

Medium Cartridge

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