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Tim G - 25/12/2020
This is one of the best retro pinball games you'll find, a far cry from Atari's earlier Video Pinball. Despite being on what was already obsolete hardware, it looks and plays better than the majority of its 8-bit contemporaries. It does show the limitations of the 2600 in a few respects, the physics (although mostly pretty realistic) have a few obvious shortcuts, such as the way the ball bounces the same way whether you strike it mid-arc or just bounce it off the erected paddle. However, I never felt as though I had lost a ball through no fault of my own, nor did I feel like I was just racking up points with no effort, both of which were problems that plagued a lot of very early pinball video games. Personally, I prefer Midnight Magic to its most direct competitor, Nintendo's Pinball for NES. Although the Nintendo game is technically more advanced, Atari's programmers made clever use of the older console's capabilities as well as a more rewarding bonus system. If you're at all fond of pinball, this is totally worth your time.
Monk - 26/06/2020
Another astonishing and surprisingly excellent Atari game.

Atari certainly inspired game creators to go beyond the usual norm and to polish off their vision for the perfect game.

The end result was sometimes other-worldly, like this sublime pinball game.

It's odd how its official name seems to be 'Midnight Magic', but in the game itself, it says 'MIDNITE MAGIC' instead!

I wonder which is the actual name of the game..

People might confuse this game with the Williams pinball rip-off, 'David's Midnight Magic', which is a great classic in its own right, but this game is something completely different.

This Atari pinball has amazing changing color schemes, wonderful, bright 'flashes' (I guess I am a sucker for these), really good ball movement, exciting sound world that really makes you want to play more and more, and very believable behaviour of everything - the bumpers, the 'rolling middle bit' (whatever it's called), and the four paddles or 'bats' reacting to the ball.

The soundworld that's synchronized with the brilliant flashing effects creates excitement that not even more modern pinball games always have. Everything is an event, and every bumper hit makes you more pumped up - and when you complete a level, it's just so rewarding with the palette changes and ditties!

Only the cancan-music seemed an odd choice, but that's pretty much the only nitpick I can come up with.

I just found out about this game today, and I am already hooked and want to play this more. I wonder what other gems exist that I still don't know about..

Midnight / Midnite Magic is a Magnificent, Magical, Marvelous, Mesmerizing game that EVERYONE with real Atari 2600 (variation) should at least test, you'll be missing out if you don't!
mark wolo - 05/01/2016
The third pinball game made for the Atari 2600 and what a game it is. Bright colors and nice graphics. The game play will keep you coming back for more. Interestingly, the date is 1984 because it was supposed to be released then but the video game crash prevented this game like others to be released until 1986.

Screenshots - Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic atari screenshot
Midnight Magic atari screenshot
Midnight Magic atari screenshot
Midnight Magic atari screenshot

Information - Midnight Magic

GenrePinball - Standard TableYear1987
Players1, 2 (alt.), DemoCountryUSA

Axworthy, Glenn

Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Midnight Magic Download    Play it!SerialCX26129

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Atari (Red)

Although this game is called Midnight Magic, the title on the screen says: Midnite Magic.

The designer's name and the copyright date are hidden in the ROM: DESIGNED AND PROGRAMMED BY GLENN AXWORTHY. COPYRIGHT ATARI 1984

Cartridge - Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic Atari cartridge scan Midnight Magic Atari cartridge scan Midnight Magic Atari cartridge scan Midnight Magic Atari cartridge scan Midnight Magic Atari cartridge scan Midnight Magic Atari cartridge scan

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