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Crossbones - 18/04/2020
I'm new to Atlantis, I missed it back in the day. What a game! Superb. Really fun to play, and the flashing screens and eerie sound effects (especially when they laser you when flying low) are really imaginative. Also the colours and general feel of it, it's so slick, one of the best VCS games!
Scott - 28/08/2018
I absolutely loved the Imagic and Activision titles for the 2600 and played Atlantis and Cosmic Ark for hours and hours. Now, 30 years later, I am playing it again, and my wife comes and looks over my shoulder and says, "Wow, that looks and sounds cool". Now she plays it for hours and hours!
Dan - 04/09/2016
Played it for the first time this weekend. Love it.
jack - 26/12/2010
One of the best game on atari2600.
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