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Jason - 26/05/2013
Surprisingly excellent game.A lot of folk tend to slag on the collision detection concerning when collecting the bits floating above you but the collision is just set at that point and is the same every time- once you know this it's just a matter of judging the point of a jump correctly

Another criticism it seems is that nothing changes and it's here again that the point is missed. Fair enough that people don't like the one level layout that only gets harder and harder but this works on the basis of score within the one screen like lots of games. Scoring is the point as it is for the likes of space invaders

Gameplay within the one arena is very dynamic too with many options available at a time. Likely missed however on those that don't play this long enough to know

People that have not yet tried this should at the very least give it a real try and certainly before they listen to any ill informed rubbish from those that have no place offering opinions
Ben Coulson - 18/09/2005
  The story of Tron was that the MCP (Master Control Program, a super computer) had been allowed to get too big too control and in an effort to stop a disgruntled programmer (Jeff Bridges) from hacking into its secrets the MCP transformed him into a programme and absorbed him into itself. Tron was an anti virus programme designed to police the MCP but had instead been captured by the MCP and with the help of Bridges, Tron finally overcame the MCP which allowed Bridges to escape back into the real world.
There were two Tron games available for the Atari 2600 and the object of the game was to use elevators that moved up and down the screen to attempt to reach various objects that floated around the screen. This was not as easy as it sounded for you had to avoid tanks and Recognisers (security ships that looked like goal posts) that pursued you across the levels. There was only one screen which consisted of several floors and two sets of elevators and the game generally suffered from a chronic lack of things to do. As a result the game became monotonous very quickly for completing a level brought nothing different, merely an increase in difficulty.

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GenreArcade - Platformer (Single Screen)Year
ControlsTron JoystickPublisherCanal 3 / Intellivision

Finney, Hal / Hightower, Glenn

Medium Cartridge

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