My Atarimania

As all of us Atari-collectors know, we are doing our best to keep our collection in great shape. Everything is in order we want and the collection looks like it's a photo of our local computerstore's software shelf from the golden years of Atari.

Even if our physical collection is put together into the very finest detail many of us can't list our collection on the road, if at all! We have those spreadsheet or text documents on our hard disk, booklets or whatever mankind has invented to keep the notes of their stuff somewhere.
Most of the times it's not just enough...

Now there's something new for Atarimaniacs like me and you: My Atarimania. Just make yourself an account and within seconds you can start to add titles to your new digital collection for 2600, 5200, 400/800/XL/XE or ST/TT/Falcon030.

Not only it will be in as great shape as your physical collection, but it's always with you as long as you have an access to internet or a printer.
No matter if you're in a computer meeting, retroshow or garagesale trying to figure out if you already own the software you're watching right in front of your eyes.
Just print out your up-to-date collection before you leave home or log to My Atarimania on the road, check it out and even add it to your collection immediately!

If you can't find the software title you own from our database, please request for it and we will add it. And you can even send scans for us to make your digital collection even more complete.

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