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JHL 13 atari screenshot
JHL 13 atari screenshot
JHL 13 atari screenshot

Information - JHL 13

GenreSports - Ice HockeyYear2013
Players1, 1 vs. 2DeveloperRingler Productions


Graphic Artist(s)

Moreau, Frédéric C.

Game design

Moreau, Frédéric C.

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Other versions with a different title:
Brett Hull Hockey, Jaguar Hockey, JHL 15.

Instructions - JHL 13

JHL13 is a hack of the very famous unreleased Jaguar game Brett Hull Hockey. This version features:

- Up to 32 players for teams
- new graphs
- Player Stats for 2011-12 season
- Hockey Legends players
- about 800 players with personal stats
- development started in January 2012, NHL Rosters updated up to 13th April 2013
- last player added: Jean-Gabriel Pageau of Ottawa

As most people know the game is playable but not 100% (there are some known bugs
that can crash the game for example). What we did was maintain the compatibility
while stretching the game engine as much as we could.

A huge chunk of work was done by Fredifredo alone, with a hex editor: he had to
decipher a lot of tables and values, then make some changes to the ROM, uploading it
to Skunkboard, testing... This was done a LOT of times until the game's patterns
were deciphered.

Near the end of 2012, Fredi announced his ROM to Jagware and GGN started
making an editor to speed up the process of editing a team. In the process, the
team rosters were enhanced (originally it wasn't possible to add more players to
one team, and a replaced player's name could not be bigger than the original one), a
BPEG injector was developed (so you can replace a lot of the game's assets) and
some other bits. The editor, as like with this ROM, is available from http://reboot.atari.org.

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