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Screenshots - Indiana Jag

Indiana Jag atari screenshot
Indiana Jag atari screenshot

Information - Indiana Jag

GenreArcade - Platformer (Scrolling)Year1994
Publisher[no publisher]ControlsJagpad
Players[unknown]DeveloperVirtual Xperience


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Game design


Box / Instructions


Sound FX


Version[demo / MIA]DumpMISSING

Instructions - Indiana Jag

INDIANA JAG : (final name ?)

You will live a great adventure. A platform game with five levels using the highs
capacities of the jaguar to display many big sprites at the same time.
During the 5 levels, Indiana Jag (Jaggy) has to fight against many "monsters" like
Dinosaures, hunters, ghosts, mummies, verses, snakes and so...
The greatest features of the game will be, the quality of the animation, the action and
the humour. The action is completed by hidden rooms and a lot of humoristic enemies.

- 256 colors.
- screen size : 384x240 pixels.
- some 16 bits colors sprites.
- 3 differential one pixel fine multi-directional scrollings by the GPU.
- shading, zoom, rotation.
- many sprites on the screen by the Object Processor and the Blitter.
- cartoon quality animation on the principal sprite.
- 4 music tracks and 2 sound tracks routines by the DSP.
- running in 1 VBL (60 fr/s) !
- one player (maybe two).
- scores and game settings saved into cartridge.

Preview availibility : JUNE CES (we hope !)
Master code availibility : end of AUGUST
Commercial availibility : NOVEMBER / DECEMBER
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