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Screenshots - Battlesphere Gold

Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot
Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot
Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot
Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot
Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot
Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot
Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot
Battlesphere Gold atari screenshot

Information - Battlesphere Gold

GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear2002
PublisherScatoLOGIC, Inc.ControlsJagpad
Players1, 2+Developer4Play

Le Grand, Scott / Engel, Douglas

CountryUnited Kingdom USA
Graphic Artist(s)

Le Grand, Scott / Engel, Douglas

Game design

Engel, Douglas / Le Grand, Scott

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Wukovitz, Stephanie

Sound FX

Le Grand, Scott / Engel, Douglas

VersionDumpdownload atari Battlesphere Gold Download

Trivia - Battlesphere Gold

Improvements over Battlesphere
From the original website:

Improved Graphics
The addition of an incredible new compression algorithm has made room in the BattleSphere Gold™ ROM for a vast array of sleek new high resolution graphics, rendered in breathtaking true-color and high-color modes!

CD Upgrade Hooks
Software routines have been added which allow new BattleSphere™ objects, weapons and even entire play modes to load from the Jaguar CD peripheral! This BattleSphere Gold™ exclusive ability for future CD upgrades make BattleSphere Gold™ the most enduring Jaguar game ever created.

Improved Menus
The BattleSphere Gold™ menu screens have been revamped and feature amazing new graphics with 25% shorter delays as well as 200% faster screen draws. No more waiting for menus to draw!

New Secret Alien Ship
The addition of a deadly new ship design adds a new element to the BattleSphere Gold™ Universe!

New Animations
You can be first person outside of ScatoLOGIC to feast your eyes on the vastly improved animations spread throughout BattleSphere Gold™ ! The ScatoLOGIC graphics department has painstakingly updated and enhanced all of your favorites! You won't believe you're looking at a Jaguar game!

The BattleSphere Gold™ exclusive JUGS DD feature is included in every BattleSphere™ Gold cartridge! JUGS DD allows the booting of any unencrypted or encrypted CD with the Jaguar CD peripheral. New Jaguar titles can then be created by anyone and distributed by anyone in the inexpensive CD format! Anyone with JUGS DD can play them using the JUGS DD feature, while maintaining full compatibility with existing CD titles and the built-in VLM! The company which first defeated cartridge encryption brings you the first method for defeating CD encryption.

CD Demo Sampler
In another BattleSphere Gold™ exclusive, every copy of BattleSphere Gold™ comes with a free Demo CD which includes nine amazing Jaguar Programs! All included for FREE on the first new Jaguar CD title to come out since 1997! While it may be customary for a CD Demo to contain a paltry one or two tired old demos, only BattleSphere Gold™ comes with a full compliment of nine demos, including the 4Play ScatoLOGIC Music Player Mark II, JAZ 3D Demo, the FulSyn FM Synthesizer demo, AND Native Demo!!!

Massive Save Game NVRAM
The NVRAM in a standard BattleSphere™ game is a record breaking 4 times the size of any other Jaguar cartridge, but the forward thinking designers at ScatoLOGIC have increased the bountiful storage in every BattleSphere Gold™ cartridge to a whopping 2048 bytes! Plenty of room is left in every BattleSphere Gold™ cartridge for 3rd party JUGS DD games to use!!! Plus, the lifetime of the NVRAM has been increased a whopping 100 times to a gargantuan 1,000,000 writes!!! Another first for ScatoLOGIC!

Hidden Games Galore
The designers have included multiple hidden bonus games for your enjoyment! These complete stand-alone new titles are worthy of publication by themselves, yet are included FREE with every copy of BattleSphere Gold™!!!

Improved Packaging
Every copy of BattleSphere Gold™ is shipped to you professionally sealed, protected from the elements (water, dust, scratches, etc.), and marked with the official BattleSphere Gold™ seal of authenticity. BattleSphere Gold™ is hands-down the most professionally created Jaguar game to ever be released. Bar none. No other Jaguar game comes close!

New Secret Codes
The number of secret codes and easter eggs has been more than doubled from the vast number already present in BattleSphere™

Special Edition Cartridge Case
To further enhance the rarity and value of this amazing cartridge, BattleSphere Gold™ is constructed using a space-age polycarbonate material. BattleSphere Gold™ is much more rugged and durable than every other jaguar cartridge, yet is crystal clear to allow the marvelous workmanship in each cartridge to be seen in intricate detail!

Improved Rendering Speed
Code optimization and relocation of graphics data to fast RAM has resulted in increased rendering speeds!

Bug Fixes
Even the incredible BattleSphere™ is known to have a few very minor glithches. They are now eliminated in BattleSphere Gold™

JUGS 1.01
The JUGS 1.01 feature is included in every BattleSphere Gold™ cartridge exclusively! JUGS 1.01 is a software/hardware combination which allows new software to be uploaded from any Windows Compatible PC into the Jaguar Console! This improved version of JUGS come complete with the JUGS 1.01 Software and the JUGS device for connecting to your personal computer. An indispensible tool for any prospective Jaguar Developer, JUGS 1.01 allows new games to be developed without the expense of a complete Development System, or having to buy expensive cables and/or modify the Jaguar. All you need is a Jaguar and a Jag-Link Cable and that's it! The ( JUGS 1.01 is also available as a standalone product from ScatoLOGIC. BattleSphere Gold™ and BattleSphere™ are the only Jaguar games to offer such an amazing feature!

BattleSphere™ Network Compatibility
Careful engineering has insured that you will be able to enjoy networked gameplay even with those less fortunate souls who only own the regular old Run-of-the-Mill BattleSphere™ cartridge.

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