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Ahab Predator - 14/06/2019
Great game!
Fredifredo - 14/03/2017
Big hit ! Every time put in the top 3 of the Jaguar... Great sounds... in 1994 playing games like that was only on a PC with big proc. ( 1200$ ). 3 games in one : playing the Alien ; the marine or the predator !

Screenshots - Alien Vs. Predator

Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot
Alien Vs. Predator atari screenshot

Cartridge - Alien Vs. Predator

Alien Vs. Predator Atari cartridge scan Alien Vs. Predator Atari cartridge scan

Music - Alien Vs. Predator

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Alien Vs. Predator Atari ad Alien Vs. Predator Atari ad Alien Vs. Predator Atari ad Alien Vs. Predator Atari ad Alien Vs. Predator Atari ad

Article - Alien Vs. Predator

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Alien Vs. Predator Article

Easter Eggs - Alien Vs. Predator

Debug Mode
Select a character and begin a game. Press Pause, Option, 6, 1 + 3, B, A, 9, A, 9, A, *, Option, 6, #, *, *, Option, 2, Option. The Predator will laugh to confirm the trick. To use it, hold Option and enter any of the sequences below.

Next Floor A
Previous Floor B
God Mode 5

As the Marine
Shotgun 1
M14-A Pulse Rifle 2
Flame Thrower 3
Smart Gun 4
Refill Ammo 1+2+3+4 (simultaneously)
Motion Tracker 8
Raise Security Level 6
Lower Security Level 9

As the Predator
Combi Stick 1
Shoulder Cannon 2
Smart Disc 3
Wrist Blade 4

As the Alien
Tail Attack 1
Claw Attack 2
Extending Mouth 3

Frozen Queen
Need some help with the Alien Queen? When you get to the Queen's lair save the game at the entrance, then reload. The Queen will be frozen in place and can be damaged. If you've hit her enough, she'll die when you enter the lair.

Source: Jaguar Gamebase

The "Lance Lewis" name mentioned for the marine at startup was in honour of
a very dedicated tester at Atari who really went a long way to make the game
the quality it is.

And if you read all the medical and logs on the computers, most of those
have in-jokes based on other developers in the industry. For instance, the
planet "Brabenso" mentioned on one of the logs is a contraction of Brabens
World, as a side joke to David Braben, author of Elite, Frontier and many
space games. The Dr Whittaker, Chief Medical officer, contrary to popular
belief doesnt refer to me, rather my father. I got him to type all that log
text into ascii files for me!

I have a version of the game that I will probably release on AVI at some
time where the predator gets tired chasing you, stops and says "Im tired
from all this running", leans against a wall and starts smoking a cigarette!

Source: Andrew Whittaker

Tips - Alien Vs. Predator

Tips on Motion Tracker and Locations
Here is some very useful information for all you folks having trouble
with Alien Vs Predator..

This file contains tips on..

The motion tracker
Location of all security cards
Locations of weapons

Motion Tracker

This is a real easy thing to get, also you don't need to
have any security access to use it! If you follow the
computers directions it will take you hours to find it, so
here is the easy way..

Take the East elevator to level 5. Leave the elevator, and turn
right, follow the corridor. You will come across a junction,
to the right there will be a row of barrels.. Turn left, and walk
up the corridor. There will be a door to you right, enter it, and
you will be in a tiny room with a dead marine in the corner.
Search him to get the motion tracker.

"Run, but you can't hide!"

Security Cards

#1 When leaving the brig (level 3) for the first time turn left,
it's the dead guy in green.

#2 Can also be found on level 3. You have get it by going through
the airducts. The best way to do it, is look for the doors that
are jammed near the barracks.. Find the airduct in the northwest
of the barracks. You need to be in airduct 3B.

#3 Security card #3 can be found on level 2, however it is in the
officers area, which is a level #7 area. Again you must use
airduct 3B to access it.

#4 Go on the east elevator to level 4, and walk straight ahead into
the training maze. At the next intersection, go right, and then
take your second left.

#5 Can be found south of the east elevator, on level 5.

#6 This one is a real bugger to get. First of all get plenty of ammo
by clearing level 3. Now take the east elevator to level 4, and
go through the training maze (Make sure you head southwest).
Eventually you will come across a couple of airducts, you want to
go into airduct 4C. Now is the easybit.. There are only 2
entrances/exits in airduct 4C, so you just have to find the other
one. Try using the map, and make sure you don't finish up where you
started. You should then appear in Med-Lab, with a couple of
aliens, and a load of crates. Kill the aliens, and exit the room
into Med-Lab. Follow the corridor straight ahead, and check the
rooms as you go (don't enter them). When you find a room on the
left with a dead guy in it go in. Bingo, security card #6!

#7 Fill up with ammo, and take the east elevator (near the brig).
go to level 1 (gulp!). Exit the elevator and turn left. Follow
the corridor, and then turn right. There will be a little room
on its own, enter here and pick up the card. By the way, you need
security card #6 to get into it!

#8 Another hard one.. Get inside the alien ship, and goto the
far northwest corner!!

#9 This card can be found inside the predators ship, go to the end
of the ship (straight forward as you enter), and then go west

#10 This is another REAL bugger to get. First you have to clear
the aliens ship. Then locate the alien queen. Now, run through
the egg room, and pick up the card! It is located in a cocooned
marine (The captain) in the far left corner (as you face down the
room with the door to your left). Unless you are a real hard guy I
suggest you get the smart gun first!

According to the computer in the Command Center the Captain has
one of two security #10 cards. As of yet I have not found the
second. Anyway, it would take out all the fun of wandering through
the Alien ship.


Shotgun.. "What on earth got'a hold of this guy?"

Everybody should know where this is.. It's outside the door
to your cryo-cell.

Pulse rifle.. "Bug soup!"

So far I have come across a few different places to get the
pulse rifle..

(A) Inside the training maze (level 4).. This can be accessed with
card #3, or by using the airducts.. Using the airducts will bring
you out in part of the level 4 armoury, check all the dead marines
(the ammo will come in useful anyway!).

(B) Level 2 armoury.. Card #5 needed

(C) Level 4 armoury.. Card #5 needed

There is also supposed to be a pulse rifle in the kitchen on level 3,
but I have never come across it (if there is one).

Flamethrower.. "I'll tell ya'bout killing!"

The flamethrower can be found in either of the two armouries
on levels 2 & 4. It is usually the far right hand door as you
enter, and you will need card #7 to get in!

Smartgun.. "Rock and Roll!"

I have only found one smartgun, and it is located inside the
predators ship. It is a large room to the east of the entrance,
and has a few columns either side of the room. The gun can be
found at the end of the room, in the center. Don't collect
it straight away, line yourself up with an escape route. As you
know (if you have seen he films) predators prefer hunts with
big fire power involved, and once you have the gun.. 5 or 6
predators will appear. Ok, if you have plenty of smartgun ammo!

Right that's all the weapons that I have found.. Although I have seen some
reviews with grenades for the pulse rifle. When Bad Influence reviewed it
they also had the grenades (and that was while the game was being played,
and not just screen shots.), so I think they may be around some where..
If anybody finds them, please let me know!

Neil's Hints

Get as few security cards as possible.. Remember they do not have to
be picked up in order. My tip is.. Get security #1, and then get the
pulse rifle (not even needed). Then go and get security #9. Go up to
level 1, and run like a bat out of hell, not stopping for predators
or anything.. Although, you may need security #3 to enter the airlocks,
but that is reasonable simple to get anyway.

When looking for things for the first time, try using the predator or
the alien to find them. This way you can find your way around for when
you play as the marine. Learn your way around the aliens ship and the
airducts by using the alien, and learn your way around the predators ship
and everywhere else by using the predator. Remember, predators can get
through ALL doors without needing security access. Great for finding dead
marines that may hold security cards.

If you get the chance, run away! You can trap aliens and predators behind
doors leaving them for when you feel like a battle.

I generally use the smartgun for killing predators, and for clearing the
egg room (inside the alien ship). What ever you do, don't try and kill
the queen alien with anything. I tried it, and wasted a complete smartgun
load and a complete flamethrower load at her, and she still killed me!

Don't save games inside rooms.. You will only find that you start up with
an alien attacking you when you resume play. I find the best place to save
is inside an airduct, or inside an elevator.

I have found the best way to get to the West elevator is to go through
the training maze, until you reach an outer wall (corridor with boarded-up
windows, follow this corridor around until you get to Med-Lab. Now go
through Med-Lab. This seems to be an easier way than going all the way
around the Training Maze, it is also a lot quicker!

When destroying the base, clear yourself a path to the escape pod on level
5. Then leave all the doors open. Memorise your path, and then go to the
Command Center on level 2, and set the auto-destruct. Then run like hell!
So far the quickest time I have done it in is around 1:50, leaving just 10
seconds before Kaboom time! Don't use computers as the clock keeps running.
Don't worry if you only have around 10 seconds when you reach the escape
pod. Once you activate the computer, the clock seems to stop.

Well, that's all I have to offer about Alien Vs Predator..

Bye for now..

Neil Halliday.

Alien Vs. Predator Tips Alien Vs. Predator Tips Alien Vs. Predator Tips Alien Vs. Predator Tips Alien Vs. Predator Tips Alien Vs. Predator Tips

Trivia - Alien Vs. Predator

Additional Credits:
Continuity to films and technical advisor
Patten, Sean

Computer text
Lewis, Lance

Box/Art Title Screen
Denton, Andrew H.

Image touch-up
Gatrall, Jeffery

Hudak, Chris
Lewis, Lance

There a quite a few voiceovers in the game. The Predator voices were derived
from all the predator movies, lifted straight from the movie. The voices for
the marine were used in all the Alien movies and script (not all of them
translated from first script to final movie cut). We used those lines, but
they were spoken by James Grunke, at that time Head of Music and Sound
Effects for Atari.

And to complete the sound effects info :), the alien screams are actually
digitised from Richard Miller's (hardware head at Atari) at that time,
newborn baby!

Source: Andrew Whittaker

If I had the hd space of the PC and graphics resolution, oh and the speed
too , then I would maybe have done things differently. What you got in the
Jaguar was literally a cartridge full of game. There was no space left to
add any features or any more graphics. Everything was compressed as far as
it would go and it filled the cartridge, excepting 3 bytes!

I did develop a version with Aliens climbing walls, predator nets etc, but
it just wouldnt fit the cartridge, and at the time I used the biggest
cartridge that was available for the machine. Something had to give, and it
was features such as those, as much to my disappointment as anyone.

However, I hope the game made up for it in atmosphere, gameplay and AI.

Source: Andrew Whittaker

Posters - Alien Vs. Predator

Alien Vs. Predator Atari Posters Alien Vs. Predator Atari Posters

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