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Incredible, i have been looking for this dump or ANY information for this thing since the 90's when i was a kid. I can't believe i found it finally!!!. I still have my old disk, but it's worn out and doesn't work anymore! THANK YOU!!!!!
Read issue 8, page 28 of Analog for info (and authors name) about this program. It also mentions version numbers.
Chris, check the page again, it has a link to the first release of the program ;-)
I have a disk image of what may be the first version of "Circuit Database," which bears at startup a date of 1984, the author's name, and does *not* say "Elfin Magic." Let me know if interested.
Just did some rooting (i.e. looking properly in the box) and found the Atari addendums, I'll look to upload them here should I ever work out how...
Just got a copy of this, complete with dongle. C64 side works fine, just need to dig out an Atari and test that side. Sadly even though the software is advertised for both Atari and C64, the manual has no reference to the Atari at all, not even loading instructions.
? EXP(0)
instead of 1
Bug in altirra?
No solution yet?
Google, auto write please
Does anybody know who wrote this program?
Replying to Scott above, it is true that the original RAT "mouse" (similar to TRS-80 Coco mouse) is compatible with Rambrandt, and any other art software that is also compatible with the Koala or Atari touch tablets. This is because both the original RAT mouse and touch tablets use the same inputs from the controller as Atari paddles. These are analog inputs. So you would just choose a Koala or Atari touch tablet from the choices the program offers for input and the original RAT mouse (or converted TRS-80 Coco mouse) work fine.

However, the later released Super RAT by Zobian is the more standard and common digital mouse, like the Atari ST and Amiga computers used. So the Zobian Super RAT mouse will not work with Rambrandt or other tuch tablet compatible programs. There are, however, other Atari art programs that are compatible with standard digital mice and the Super RAT mouse will work with them. These are generally PD art programs that aren't as widely known of as commercial releases however. But are covered in the Atari 8-bit FAQ under "software compatible with ST/Amiga mouse" section 8.6.
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