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Thax, no, it can't. I know the version you speak of, and I tested it with my real Atari 800 XL. Turns out, there's no music, and the effects are 'halved' - and that is, those that work. Most do not work.

So it's half-true; you can load -some- of the effects in this demo as single files, but they don't work fully or properly, because they STILL require more than 64 k (small k!) of memory.

However, it could possibly work with 130XE or something.

This would be an excellent demo, if it worked on an unhacked, unmutilated, beautiful, 8-bit stock Atari with 64 k of memory. So much can be done with such a computer, it's a shame these demos always require some unofficial, third-party soldering modifications that most people will never have.

For the record, I don't consider C64's "Prince of Persia" a Commodore 64-game either, for the same reason.

Numen has nice music, absolutely beautiful effects, a very boring '3D' bit between effects, and sadness that comes from the realization that I, like most people, will never see this on a real Atari computer.
Also, this was programmed in Forth, not "Machine Language".
"Neil" was programmed into both the disk and cart versions. Michael Albaugh explains the story behind the name in his interview with Kevin Savetz. He also mentions the cart version had to exclude some of the screens from the disk version, since he only had 16K to work with (and that was the first 16K cart Atari did for the 400/800).
there's a lot more here than "Passionately" (screenshot). 8 total tracks, i like "ALIEN" on the Advanced Music Handler and "Face of The Galaxy" on the Advanced Music Processor. Passionately nails the genre of classic Show Tune, an original composition?
This 16K download cartridge image is very lame. The real program was 32K on a disk, and the naughty remix also used the 32K ver for its seed. As you can imagine the 16K ver shows almost half as much prerecorded data than the better one(s) and this cartridge thinks your name is "NEIL" when no one gives any name in time. Hard to believe this cart was mass produced, more like this is a limited edition maybe for as few as one guy a sales rep named Neil who was too simple or lazy to load the better disk program.
just saw the altered one, what a laugh with some shame. its filename arrived "S & M", rated ma14 mature. i must assume we've seen the same one. the music to go with it is over the top.
Quite cool little thing considering its age, not going to rock many people's worlds though.
I think that Jim St. Louis and Russ Karas wrote the robot/spaceship demo. Probably the confusion comes from the Atari CES demo disk containing both sets of demos.
It's nice to see the 8-bits crossed the Y2K boundary. Kind of feels like watching a space probe exit our solar system.
I'm afraid Sikor, that I have coded it in machine language... MAC65.
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