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I finished this game, i remember it runnning with atari translator or fix-xl, something like these.
Typo here - serial number sohuld read RX8085, not RX8079
Cool, good to know, so thanks for that. The problem still occurs on my actual 800XL, so is there a fix for that somewhere?
The APX ad doesn't have any mention of Excalibur.
I had the tape version of this program. There was an introduction (or demonstration) on tape side A, consisting of one Basic program and audio/speech. The Basic program was fully loaded at the start, but showed only a part of the introduction. It was waiting for some short pulses of the tape and would then present the next part. However, this side of the tape was for introduction and demonstration purpose only, it was not playable (as a game) in any way. Whereas tape side B did contain the game (fully playable) and no audio/speech at all. So, saying that the main game requires the audio cassette is a bit questionable to me, only the introduction on side A does require the audio, the game / main program on side B does not.
I made a recording of the audio/speech of tape Side A and uploaded it as MP3 to Atari Age forum, one can download it there...
If you are still looking for a copy of a game called Sammy the Sea Serpent I know where they claim to have a copy. Please contact me as I wrote a fantasy series called Sammy the Sea Serpent before I discovered the existence of the game. My characters are unique and I would like to discuss the possibility of a new game featuring my characters. You can either contact me via email or call me at 832-855-0448.
Errmm well, the version you have for download here IS the original version! I did not change that, but changed the version I have in my collection. (The original version consists of two files, a short title and the main program with alternate font, whereas my changed version has only the main program with standard Atari font.) So your download is the original version and all the bugs are still there... ;-)
One of the finest game on the Atari 800xl back in the day. For a budget game, this was (and to be honest still is) great gameplay. Sure, the goal is simple, but the music and the jumping/kicking around while throwing stars and blades makes this a must-play.
Should point out this was not written in Machine Language. It was written in a custom language called TCL (Test Computer Language) - not to be confused with the well known TCL (Tool Command Language). This TCL was written by David Firth - original author of the Atari800 emulator ( which has since spawned many ports and offshoots.
Hi There,

I hope you can help.

I have wanted to play Lords of Karma for since 1981. Never got a chance!

Can someone kindly show me how I might still play it via an emulator etc. if it's still possible?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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