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@Michael B, I don't think there is a bad copy, it's more likely that you missed a crucial step. The following instructions for finishing level 8 work with every disk image I've tried:

1. Destroy the eggs until there are none left.
2. Collect the flashing asterisk shaped treasure near the top of the level (with a white hat) if you haven't yet. To do this you will need to carefully sneak into its location with your hat extended (the hat and "tongue" can move through red walls without harming you).
3. Lose your hat by touching one of the centipede bugs or the dark green block (near where you are dropped off at the start of level 4).
4. With these conditions fulfilled the bird will come and pick you up. Go to the position where you were dropped off at level 4. Wait for a bird to come from the right and hitch your ride.

After completing this level the game will restart but will be much harder: the game will no longer limit the amount of "woka woka" enemies, and a new one hatches every 30 seconds or so, so good luck :)
I saw this game being demoed in an electronic store when I was a kid and it's what made me convince my parents to get an Atari 800.
Incroyable!! Merci pour la numérisation de la pochette et du mode d'emploi. On approche bientôt de l'archivage complet de la collection HATIER (hors collaboration avec ATARI France) pour l'Atari 8-Bit. :D
Though I love the released SRII, I have to say this one is much better. Absolute masterpiece and it's a pity & shame it didn't get (really finished and) released back in the day.

Just a few more design / programming touches here and there and the final product would (possibly) surpass its predecessor.
Adding to the NO ZOMBIES discussion from earlier.. It works fine for me using the 'Atari800Win PLus 4.0' emulator (XL/XE settings), though it's much easier than ZOMBIES due to lower amount of enemies. E.g. in the first level, there are none here, while in zombies there's a zombie already on the second screen..
Wow, really a very nice game, although a bit too hard for me, considering the first few playthrough attempts.. But thumbs up, definitely :-)

BTW the title theme rendition (from Tyrian) is quite nice, too.
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