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Single page manual:
Selecting 2-player mode in this program actually allows for 2 joysticks to be used, one for movement and the other for firing, like the Robotron arcade game.
@Krotki - How is listing someone's correct name at the time, some 15 years before they changed it, an error?

Clearly there is a error in programming... between your ears!

Not only are your facts wrong, you also made a ridiculous spelling error in "credict". Credit has no "dic", just like Heineman has none!
If you're having green water and blue vegetation, press ctrl-x while booting the program disk. It will display two bars, one blue, the other green. It will ask if if the top bar is a certain color with a Y or N question. If the top color isn't as described, press N and it will reverse the colors. You'll then get green vegetation and blue water.
Maybe the best "tech demo" Game for the platform back from the 80s. Most of the drawbacks people see in this game were put on purpose by the author(Gary Rimmer) to make it more difficult.
Its the only game from the 80's that can look new homebrew games straight in the eyes.
This is a brilliant game, at least in its original incarnation on the Atari 8-bits.

It presents an inventive collection of interesting and diverse challenges, with an almost surreal aesthetic. The sound design is just excellent, simulating the denting of garbage cans and a cat meowing without the benefit of sampling. The Atari offered four sound channels with a noise generator, which the programmers here coerced into synthesizing meowing, slurping, and fighting noises.

This game is a work of art that should only be evaluated in its original form on the Atari platform.
There is an error in programming credicts. William Heineman and Rebecca Heineman are the same person; she transitioned to female in the 2000s.
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