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Hi, I found one picture in 'Ads'. I think, that it could be good if added here in the topic ('Akanis Ula').

(my comment can be deleted then, thanks)
Hi, I found one picture in 'Ads'. I think, that it could be good if added here in the topic ('Chimere').
How to make Moon Patrol on very limited resources. Not a game you have to play but I admire what they achieved with very little effort.
Looks great, plays like a turd.
Everything looks the part but it's just lacking something to make it special. The racing part is just too easy, letting you bash your car far too many times before you face consequences.
All the problems of the first one are discarded to make room for all new problems that leave this one far worse.
Looks to be underrated and under appreciated. I'm not one to love Q-Bert clones but this is a solid game with competent level design, a good challenge, and includes bonus levels. Definitely above average.
Love it. Never played it back in the day but enjoying it now. That's a sign that something is truly good.
It's a good game and a pretty good port but just too slow to capture the spirit of the original.
This is a really faithful adaptation of the original SNK coin-op version of Vanguard -- right down to including the Continue option, one of the first games to incorporate that!

And, uh, I'll just add my voice to the choir of people pointing out that no, this most certainly was not a three-monitor game in its original form. You may be thinking of Darius, though how anyone could confuse that with this is beyond me! :)
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