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Lo jugaba con un gran amigo de mi infancia, gracias a el y su padre pude conocer el Atari 800xl, pasé muchas tardes entretenido, uno de aquellos juegos fue goblin.
The C64 screenshot at the back of the package shows the black outlines of the cockpit of your plane. This black outline is missing completely on the Atari version. Was it too difficult to do on the A8 ?!? It would have given a much better setting or atmosphere of flying an aeroplane...
@Intv Prime -- Turkish March by Mozart
Fantastic game with amazing musics, one of the best games of 8 bits ! Datasoft was an excellent publisher.
Looks pretty, but so far it appears to just be a graphic demo of how IK+ would look on the Atari, no way to start a game or otherwise interact with the players?
Line 680 is corrupt that looks like it was merged with on of the formula lines. This is what 680 should be: U=1:OPEN #1,4,0,"K:":GET #1,X:CLOSE #1
The label on the tape says "Pengo" ;-)
The label on the tape says "Atari ST" ;-)
I have the cartridge and instructions, but cannot add to myatari collection as the entry form is missing the media boxes
I have a copy of this game but it was released by Top Ten Hits - seems to be missing from database … screen shot - dump file - available on request
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Rescue on Fractalus!
Stunt Car Racer
Seven Cities of Gold (The)
Eidolon (The)
International Karate
Pitfall! II - Lost Caverns
Bruce Lee
Boulder Dash
Rainbow Walker / Countdown
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
Montezuma's Revenge
Alley Cat
BC's Quest for Tires
Koronis Rift
Super Cobra
Star Raiders II
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