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Recent Comments
This should be a 8.9.10 rating. Makes no sense. This game is outstanding. Higher frame rate than the C64, incredibly playable. Great game.
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Fandal (František Houra) was personally targeted on this site for bringing all of his games to a low rating (unfortunately). So, no ratings for his games on this site should be taken to be realistic.
This is one of those great games with a caveat. I actually played it more on my Colecovision, but both play so similar that it didn't make much difference. Playing through the screens, getting the timing right, and descending as far as I could were enough to make the game enjoyable for quite a while; but then (and here's the caveat), you suddenly realize that for all your exploring there's not really a destination here, and that it is really just an arcade game after all. This was a common issue with many games of the period and not surprising since this was the era of arcade gaming where score, not completion, was the goal; but given the exporation theme, I always hoped I'd find something more special than more levels, but Alas!
Hi, thank you for the compliments on the game! I really had a lot to learn as far as game play development, and feel a lot of potential was "left on the table".
When I found this (again), I did not remember writing it. Since then, I remembered the circumstances surrounding it. I am a keyboard composer when writing programs. No planning, just sit down and write. No one in my circle believed I could do it. Within an hour, I came up with this.
Was this released by Atari de México / Grupo SITSA or by the Mexican subsidiary of Telemática SA? Thanks.
That program does not come from Chile, its origin is Mexico where Telematica was also present.
Lance owns nothing -- except the proto cartridge. He initially obtained it from Fandal (František Houra), who purchased the only known prototype ROM cartridge on Ebay for several thousand dollars. Ownership was transferred to Lance with the agreement that Fandal would receive some money for each copy sold. The reason the ROM isn't posted here is so that Fandal can have an opportunity to continue to recoup some of his money. The only one who has any real rights to the game is Atari.
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