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"This isn't Star Raiders!"

No it isn't. But Star Raiders still exists, so go play that if you like Star Raiders. Or indeed, the other Star Raiders II prototype that is out there which is much closer to the original.

"This isn't a true sequel to Star Raiders!"

Maybe not, but Solaris on Atari 2600 exists. Go play that if you want a "true" sequel to Star Raiders, by the original developer, no less.

What this *is*, is an enjoyable space combat game with some enjoyable mechanics, some impressive graphical effects and a fun lightweight strategic element.

Whether or not it's called "Star Raiders" (or "The Last Starfighter", for that matter) doesn't matter. Taken on its own merits, this is a solid and enjoyable game that is worth playing -- and a longstanding personal favourite of mine from the Atari 8-bit's lineup.
While the titlescreen of this game looks good and colourfull, there always was a problem with it. When you waited until the moving clouds appeared and then pressed START to continue loading, most of the time the computer crashed. (Maybe some DLI's were not shut off correctly or there were problems with VBI and/or running an NTSC program on my PAL machine, I have no clue.) Since I did not like this, I simply removed the title. All sounds in this game are from Kemal Ezcan, think they were borrowed from his Supersynthesizer (Atari Basic with Data lines) demo disk. After so many years, I simply could not listen to the starting sound Digi-Ley, Digi-Loo anymore and so a friend changed it to pure silence for me. (One can still enable one of the available sounds with a key, the only difference is, that my game starts with music off now). The game plays very good and therefore belongs to my Top 5 of A8 Tetris games. Most of all, it uses the original Tetris tiles and did not add new tiles, like some other versions did.
It would be great to play this one again. Was fun way back when...
Na instant classic on the A8. Fun, fast and furious but hard as BALLZ. Yes, the mink dude need to remember that the C64 is almost universally loved on EVERY other site, so no need to come to the the only Atari site and spout off his C64 bile.

I think he's back under a new name BTW as I have seen a slew of new LONG "reviews" by some blathering idiot all over the A8 games as of late.
Une des premières cassettes de jeux que j'ai eu avec mon 800XL. 4 supers jeux, des grands classiques, je me régalais ! Mais quel enfer le chargement à partir de la cassette, 15 minutes d'attente parfois résultant sur un bug ! N'en pouvant plus, j'ai hacké les cassettes pour mettre les jeux sur une disquette bootable, dans ma compilation "arcade classics"...
I'm nor sure where this came from, but it's excellent.
Ceo, founder 1978, main programmer and graphics designer. BA Ashland University in Bus. Comm.
Wow...yet another game on this site overrated to the point of insanity. This isn't and never was a real sequel to "Star Raiders" (an infinitely superior game in every way other than graphics). It was initially just a lame attempt at leveraging the Last Starfighter movie-spinoff rights (but has absolutely nothing to do with the movie either). When that didn't turn out to work for them marketing-wise, they renamed it SR2 to cynically try to leverage some profits off the deservedly-high goodwill for the original SR instead (and unfortunately succeeded to some degree). This is a graphically fine but very dumbed-down space shooter...very inferior to SR and undeserving of the title it ended up with.
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