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They said they're not into Atari, they didn't say they didn't like Atari. How could anyone not like Atari, is beyond me. Great, atmospheric machines with lots of good games and demos, and quirky, unique sound.

I am not into these Centipede games, though, it's basically the only 'early game style' that I just couldn't get. It seems so limited and narrow even in idea.

Give me Wizard of Wor or Pac-Man any day.
Just finished it on 8bit Atari - Golem as the second player works perfect here :)
"I don't like Atari" - then what the F are you on
Millipede is a good game, I love htis conversion, but it is a little slow.
To pick this out as the only good Atari game ever made means you are on some serious drugs.
Back to the game.
I find this and the ST versions fun to play, and better than the 5200 Centipede and other clones.
I just did it! Something is strange, but I was able to open the snake door. The game is HUGE and the design is mean. I only found (as far as I remember) one snake brooche. I still had a strange key for a "special" door that I saw but did not revisit. SPOILER: Behind the snake door is another room that has some shackles in it (same as in the game). In the middle is Corrine, the scrolling text says something like: "You have found Corrine!!!" then exits to main screen.
Energy cheat (A800): Addr: $85B7 (16 bit).
Not there yet, but I cheat now (unlimited energy) using Altirra now and I am pretty far into the game! And man it drags on. With a lower difficulty this could have been a fun game!
I had so much fun playing this game with my friends. Even alone it was fun. We killed so many joysticks! :D
Of all the versions of this game, this one looks the nicest. Joystick control is a bit dodgy as always. Anyway, I put an emulator cheat on my blog
Thanks for adding another HATIER title to the database!
The original version.
Fantastic 8 bit game. Huge, fast, stress, chocking, complexity, super accurate, tricky, it play with a lot of different moods. It makes me cry when the rocks fall it hurt like if it was real. ;)
I played it on the Amstrad CPC and green monitor with very sharp graphics. A8, CPC and C64 are lucky to have this gem perfectly executed.
My fav was the BD 3 (in space).
I'm not into Atari, I like very few games on this machine. This version is the very best one I know. It's real arcade gameplay, I mean it keep you busy like it should. It worth you own the cartridge. I don't know why centipede is in the top. Sure Millipede is a top 8 bit game. The other version I liked is the ST, but it's lacking that arcade feeling. (I'm not trying to compare the original arcade..)
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