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This could be a quite good game but it isn't. It's bad because it's absolutely too hard. And it's not the player fault but the incredibly shitty controls. I have no idea what Frank was thinking when he was making this game but when you must jump on the elevator it is 90% sure you will fall down. How the hell should I win this game when I don't know how to safely jump on the elevator? credits Robert Viera (Moon Patrol) as the sound designer on The Last Starfighter. Considering his work wasn't altered for ATARI Corp.'s SRII, I think his name should be added to this page. Link:
This version is less buggy than the Apple II original, but it's still an extremely poor game. The writing is embarrassingly bad. One of the worst commercially sold text adventures.
Had this on disk and only ever played it two player. The player who got to control the submarine was the luckier one, but controlling the ship still had its rewards. Was the most popular game we played on the Atari 800.
Didn't see some tape position info. Based on the software preservation dump I have the following ( couldn't find Kissin Kousins)

Tape 1
00 - Chop Suey

Tape 2
00 - Fire Chief
50 - Hijack!
About this phrase "Unfortunately, this version appears to crash when you are about to enter the third level" - everything is OK, version is workable! )
I just obtained a working copy of this disk, though I'm reluctant to send it out again in the mail. I have an SIO2PC; can I create an atr by daisy-chaining the 810 and the SIO2PC?
interesting action adventure. but after all, the controls are lousy. but it's in the original, the atari 8bit port is clean and effective.
This must play on every Atari Multijoy 4+ party. It is probably THE game that defined how multijoy games should be after all.

Either the rating system is somewhat broken or the people that rated here simply never played it in a multijoy setup. As a matter of fact without multijoy the whole point of this title could be misunderstood.
This is a good strategy wargame (at least for me). Much simpler than any SSI war sim., but with good gameplay. The docs. on diskside B mention that this is a commercial product and they did not use copy protection so one can make a backup easily. The Basic programs however do have list protection and there seems to be more protection included, e.g. if you change the order of the files or copy them to another disk, then the program does not work anymore...
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