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As wonderful as the game looks and sounds, the inability to move diagonally just ruins what should have been a near-perfect arcade translation. The programmer - whoever they are - has some explaining to do. GCC also did the VCS version, which has diagonal movement and makes that version far more fun to play.
Contrary to others disliking the control scheme, I actually enjoyed this version of Frogger. Mainly because this is what I grew up with. The graphics, sounds, and controls worked well for me. A very well made game for the System X/5200.
The control stick problem was.. a problem. The lack of auto-centering made it difficult. We tried a number of ideas; the cartridge got the version everyone disliked the least.
Dawn Stockbridge deserves credit for the graphics.
This version actually traces back to the object code of the Sierra On-Line cassette based version. I never had access to the source code (the original author lost it..) so everything had to be recreated.
It's hard to believe this is worse than the 2600 version, but it is.
I had collected this 5200 version at first, before realizing the model 800 home computer version has better title screens with tutorial added.
The real AE, a work of art, is the home computer version which filled 2 disks. This 16K cartridge is a bad joke, probably not even created by Wada and Horai (they're credited with the 1982 original). If "A.E." is an acronym so what does it mean?

There are 4 boards here that you wait for to be drawn. What is the 4th? makes no sense. Disk ver tells the story of hostile aliens being fought away from Earth surface (board 1), fought in earth orbit (board 2 looks like north america), chased to the asteroid belt (board 3) with earth Mars and sun seen top right, chased out to Saturn (board 4), and finally the aliens were defeated at the outer edge of the solar system with a view of andromeda galaxy (board 5). See the disk version ....
CHEAT MODE, unlimited lives, for both 1 and 2 players. Find the sequence $"DE 90 20" starting at offset $2481 in this 16K cartridge image, change this one byte $DE to $AD.

There is a new year 2015 enhanced graphics version of Popeye for model 800, this same unlimited lives cheat works on that file and the other 800 files and cartridges, except the one byte to edit is found at different offsets.
See the new (2012) "Asteroids Emulator" for model 800. It is the actual Arcade program interfaced with a screen emulator, NTSC will look best with artifacting turned off via emulation.
16K cartridges held in 32K files, model 5200.
Doing this has a keen advantage in that you never need to declare whether the cart is a "One chip" or a "Two chip" design. Now I know.

About half of all 5200 cartridges here are 16K programs in 32K files. This means I don't even have ANY 32K games in my 5200 collection, "Gremlins" uses 24K.
CHEAT HACK many lives (250), edit this 5200 cartridge image changing 2 bytes: Offset $4736 from $06 to $FA, and offset $6736 from $06 to $FA. 251-255 isn't being used, to allow extra men to be earned during the first man without crashing.

Although this file is 32KB long, it's really a 16KB cartridge with 2 copies of the same stuff in here. Dumped wrong? The prototype edition on the model 800 uses 34KB and is a ton nicer. MR was majorly dumbed down to fit in 16K commercial cartridges.

Know what the name means? Bring extra underwear.
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