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Also known as Rev1 (1982).
Also known as Rev1 (1982).
An excellent port of an arcade sleeper. In fact, I far prefer this port to the actual arcade game. Highly recommended.
If you're looking for a challenging 5200 game, give this one a try.
Blows away the disappointing Asteroids port by a country mile.
As wonderful as the game looks and sounds, the inability to move diagonally just ruins what should have been a near-perfect arcade translation. The programmer - whoever they are - has some explaining to do. GCC also did the VCS version, which has diagonal movement and makes that version far more fun to play.
Contrary to others disliking the control scheme, I actually enjoyed this version of Frogger. Mainly because this is what I grew up with. The graphics, sounds, and controls worked well for me. A very well made game for the System X/5200.
The control stick problem was.. a problem. The lack of auto-centering made it difficult. We tried a number of ideas; the cartridge got the version everyone disliked the least.
Dawn Stockbridge deserves credit for the graphics.
This version actually traces back to the object code of the Sierra On-Line cassette based version. I never had access to the source code (the original author lost it..) so everything had to be recreated.
It's hard to believe this is worse than the 2600 version, but it is.
I had collected this 5200 version at first, before realizing the model 800 home computer version has better title screens with tutorial added.
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