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Comments (3)
Michael Allard - 01/01/2015
Pac-Man on the 5200 is closer to the arcade than any other port that pre-dates the NES. The control does take some getting use to (hint, don't place your hand over the top of the joystick handle) before this game shines. 6.6 Rating don't seem fair because out of all of the other Atari ports the 5200 is the only one that has the intermissions. Also, the ghosts have better AI than in the 4/800 port and move a bit better. Fun fun fun!
Ransom - 25/03/2009
Versus the Atari 8-bit computer version, you get the cut scene cartoons with this one, but you give up the easier digital control. Still, this is a very playable version. If you're a serious Pac-man player, then this probably isn't your game. For the more casual players, however, this is a fine port.
bohoki - 29/12/2008
this was the pack in game on all 2 port units and is very faithful to the arcade so the game is so common that probably anyone with a system has at least 2

unfortunatly with the large movement of the analog control it was not as much a pleasure to play as to watch

i have a theroy that they made the atari 2600 game purposely bad to make this one shine

although with the arcade having the playfield be tall and skinny and comming home to a "widescreen" version of pacman took some getting use to

the sound was spot on from the arcade and little cut scenes between every few levels was revolutionary at the time

there are people who find patterns that allow them to play forever without fear of ghosts but they are probably the ones that solve rubik's cubes i can do neither it is just fun to gobble till i am surrounded and weew,weew,weew,boik i'm done

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Pac-Man atari screenshot
Pac-Man atari screenshot
Pac-Man atari screenshot

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GenreArcade - Pac-ManYear1982
ControlsJoystickPublisherAtari (USA)
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA
Programmer(s)Medium Cartridge
Dumpdownload atari Pac-Man DownloadSerialCX5208

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