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Screenshots - Dr. Necro

Dr. Necro atari screenshot
Dr. Necro atari screenshot
Dr. Necro atari screenshot
Dr. Necro atari screenshot

Information - Dr. Necro

GenreBrain - TetrisYear1991
LanguageOtherPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperNecroware Development
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Schafer, Ken

Graphic Artist(s)

Schafer, Ken / Zee, Andrean

Game design

Schafer, Ken

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Schafer, Ken / Frick, Ryan

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / ?
MIDIVersionGFA 0.58 [Beta]
Dumpdownload atari Dr. Necro Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Additional Comments - Dr. Necro

Other versions with the same title:

[no publisher] (version C 0.40 [Beta]) (), [no publisher] (version GFA 0.62 [Beta]) ().

This version is written in GFA Basic and requires 1Mb.

Instructions - Dr. Necro

Dr. Necro   Version 0.58b
(c)1991 NecroWare Development

Welcome to the first public viewing of Dr. Necro!

A little history:

Dr. Necro began its history almost 2 years ago as a Tetris clone I started
writing in GFA Basic 2.0.  Needless to say, I never did finish it, partly
because of problems with GFA Basic 2.0, and partly due to a seriously
flawed algorithim for piece manipulation on my part.  The Tetris clone
got shelved for quite some time.  Then, one day I was at a friend's house,
where I was introduced to a horribly addicting Nintendo(c) game called
Dr. Mario(c).  Well, I was hooked, but I couldn't very well go and buy a
Nintendo, when I had this wonderful ST system on my desk, and so the
writing of Dr. Necro began.  Fortunately, I realized the similarity between
the two games, and ripped the core of my Tetris clone out for Dr. Necro.
It seems the piece falling routines did work after all!

The first version was painfully slow, and didn't allow pieces to fall,
lines to be found, etc.  Fortunately, I hit upon a wonderfully elegant
data structure to represent the game, and the speed picked up ten fold,
allowing me to add my admittedly simple grapichs and enough logic to
make the game happen (it scans the keyboard almost 200 times/sec in the
main loop!)

Since then, Dr. Necro has evolved slowly, the upgrade from GFA 2.0 to 3.05
allowed me to easily add the music which runs in the background (and also
alas, hogged enough memory to prevent it from running in 512k... honest,
I tried to trim enough away to make it work, all the title screens, the
joystick handling, etc.  I applied every memory saving technique I'd ever
learned on my 8-bit, but to this day I am short about 3.5k from a 512k
version.  Fortunately, the C version will be much more compact, so be 
patient you 512k'ers, or better yet, upgrade for goodness sake!)

Playing the game:
The object of the game is to destroy all of the viruses in the bottle.
Killing all of them will advance you to a faster level with more viruses.

To kill a virus, you have to make a line(horizontally or vertically) of
pieces of the same color as the virus that is at least 4 blocks long.
when the line is completed, the virus, and all blocks in the line, will
disappear, and any blocks they were holding up will fall (sound familiar?).
The virus need not be at the end of a line.  I have made some elegant moves
where I maneuvered a pill in from underneath to save the day.

Multiple lines are possible, and score more points than single lines.
A line does not score unless it contains a virus, although a line of 4
or more of the same color WILL disappear, whether it contains a virus
or not.

There are many subtle strategies to the game, and it does require a fair
amount of though, as well as nimble fingers to be successful.

This pre-release version only allows 4 or 5 levels, but it is enough to
get you started.


Keyboard              Stick             Result
   up arrow           button       rotate pill
 down arrow           down         drop pill 1 line
 left arrow           left         move pill left
right arrow           right        move pill right

This demo is freeware, and may be freely distributed under the following
1) I retain sole right to the source code.  Although I can't lay claim to
   the original concept, the ST source was created by me from scratch.
   You may not alter, reverse engineer, disassemble, or in any way change
   the code.  Basically, It's mine, and no one elses.

2) This doc file must be included with the game

3) No fee may be charged to distrbute this game.  It may not be placed
   on any BBS, Information Service or other service that charges more
   than $6.00/hour for 2400 baud access during non prime-time hours.

4) I cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred through the use
   of this software.  Although I believe it to be relatively harmless, and
   that the program operates as described, I can't test everything.  You
   agree to use this software at your own risk.

This is a limited version of the actual game... I am presently working
on the conversion to C.  There will be future releases with much improved
graphics, music and animation.  

The complete version is available from me (0.85 at present) for a small
Shareware payment.  Anything over $5 will get you a floppy with the
latest un-restricted version.  It's a small price to pay, and I have spent
a LOT of time on this program, and will continue to update it as long as
there is sufficent interest.

Even if you don't want to register, if you have any comments, suggestions,
or ideas, I would love to hear from you!!


Ken Schafer                      11/29/91
Box 688
6 Taylor Ave.
Clark Mills, New York 13321-0688

 Genie: K.SCHAFER4  {Necromancer}
Delphi: Kschafer

------------------------ cut here --------------------------

Dr. Necro Registration Form:        (0.85) 11/29/91

Mail To:
NecroWare Development
Box 688
Clark Mills, New York, 13321-0688

[ ] Yes! Your game is AWESOME! Enclosed is my ShareWare payment of
         $5.00 or more!! Please send me the latest version of
         Dr. Necro!!!!!
[ ] No   I am not registering now, but I do have some comments for you!

Street or P.O. Box_______________________________________________

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What do you like most about Dr. Necro?_____________________________________



What do you like least about Dr. Necro ?___________________________________



Place where you obtained Dr. Necro_________________________________________

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