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Press UP on the joystick at the title screen to add credits. This is also buried in the manual. The manual text is on the PP HD version at
Press the INSERT key to start the game and to insert more players. This is TINY in the instruction manual.
Also, even the blitter version of this sucks, play Gauntlet 2
Interesting combination of Pacman and Breakout type games. Seems pretty hard. And looks good.
Here can DL it, with update what makes control working on all TOS versions:
Correct 1991 driver and team names are available here-
This is just another example for that good coding is not enough for making really good game. Beside being complete unoriginal it is really not some great pleasure to play - or in other words - not addictive. Transitions are too long. Will not say more, except: simple shooter should be runnable faster (not play speed self), not long waiting after death, and like. This is just too infected with demo coding :-)
V 1.11 - ball is here, but where's the sound ???
Really sad.
Where's the ball ???
Correction synth mentioned in ST NEWS
I may be wrong but does this not use JMP soft synth mentioned in a Maggie article rather than protracker? Also fun fact, there seems to be a map editor built into this demo, my 4 year old discovered it whilst mashing keys!
This is a port of a Titus-published game for Super NES that was originally known as The Brainies -- you can play that version on the Interplay Collection 2 cart for the Evercade handheld. A later rerelease for DOS saw it renamed to The Tinies. It originally had nothing to do with the Skweek series!
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