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Hey, no flame wars at ST Wars !
Thanks for the nice constructive comment! appreciated :) take care
Petari's 8bitchip adapts are always good and better than D-Bug's crap and lame
Good STOS platformer.
And min RAM is 1 MB actually.
I found a hard disk adapted version on Petari's 8bitchip site, I'm so pleased! It's been an itch I couldn't scratch for years. Thanks again.
This game also included a 'Manhunter Identification Card' with the literature.
I still carry the card in my wallet.
This game was Developed on Atari ST by Imagetic Design.

Indeed, many thanks! Never trust an Amiga version manuals i see ;)

Thank you for replying! I hadn't come across Stonish before, it looks very good. (Unfortunately the menu disk with ST Wars on it happens to be missing from there too, but that's life). Thanks again for the info.
Hi Lester1

Yes, Atarimania ST is a preservation website and Atari software history database. Our main priority is not to offer downloads in every possible form, only the versions which are as close as possible to the original retail versions without modifications.

You can easily find this and other cracked and packed ST versions around the web, just search for for example.

It's an awesome and dedicated project preserving the history of Atari ST compact disk scene.
A very nostalgic Star Wars ripoff. Unfortunately the ROM dump on here is STX format (emulator only) and my original disk no longer works :(
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