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Nope, you can do better scrolling in stock STOS than this.
There is an STE version that fixes it, but this was a LAZY AMIGA port.
No, it's not the best what ST could do. It's how lazy Amiga ports were made back in the day.
Borderline unplayable because of the disruptive flick-scrolling. Was this really the best the ST could do, or should they have bit the bullet and made it STe only?
Seems to use the same engine as International Truck Racing which is no surprise when you see they are both by Zeppelin. I loved I.T.R., I might give this a go. Late game if it was released in 1993!
I am so close to finishing this! Anyone have tips for defeating the dragon at the end? :)
Both images ST and STX here are of disk 1. And no need for more, there is only 1 file, size 150 KB .

The ultima III has been validated lately. Please take the IPF from Brume's dump, it has been tested and working on a real machine. You need to let the disk deprotected for this to work.
One of the first games to really exploit both the sound and the scrolling when booted up on an STE. I If more devs had taken time to do this, the ST / Amiga debate would be much much closer in the STs favor.
I can confirm that this disk does not work on a physical ST either. After creating a new character and forming a party and clicking on main menu, the message appears: "Problem with thy disk. Is it in thy drive?"...the game never gets past this point.

Ok, thank you all for testing. The dump has been removed. Let's see if someone can supply a working one.

...I said "Let's Play!" (whoops, sorry!)
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