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Just to update this record, I was the graphic artist for this game with Magic Logic in the early 1980's. Happy for you to check this out with Dean Lock or Chris Horseman the company Directors. Saw someone else taking credit for this on YouTube!

Many thanks for confirming this. Always nice to hear from original authors. Many thanks for creating such a fine piece of Atari ST software history :)

Simple and not too original game idea, but executed on high level - very nice graphic, lot of levels, creatures, even some animations added before level starts. Maybe Loriciels game done with most of effort. And some of it went in really hard copy protection, at many places, stages.
Should be fun for longer time - well, if you like this type of game :-)
an STe game from 1986?? ;-)
That blitter support is actually done by TOS. Game is from 1986, while blitter appeared in 1987. Graphic code of game uses some TOS functions, and if blitter is on (Options) it will be used.
Works only under TOS 1.00 and 1.02 .
10/10 ia right. This is one of the absolute best games on the ST.
The title theme (opening piece called "Mars - The Bringer of War" from Gustav Holst's masterpiece "Planets") made me turn my head towards the STs. The game itself is really good, too.
Interesting Tetris variant. Surely worth of try.
2 player?! Amateur....

4 player FTW!
The ST/STE version was also running very well and smoother on the Falcon30! This confirms that the game has been coded ver properly...

Definitely a 10/10 (the season 2 of the championship... OMG...)
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