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Recent Comments
The manual is wrong, it does to reference to another one!

Hi Paletilla

Many thanks for pointing it out, this has now been fixed :)

Atarimania ST
This top view racing game offers nothing special. Visually is OK, controls are strange - I mean left shift, Alt for left-right ? Joystick works not with TOS 1.04 - well not rare problem for game from 1988 ...
My rating is 5 in best case.
5,5/10 that’s all ??? In my opinion it is a really good game very playable. Well made with progressive difficulty. Ok controls could have Been better with alternatives keys. But this is an old game coded by a small French companie at the time and I see many efforts put in this game. I dont like « pasti » because it is only an emulator format. I found an « St » extension on in order to use it on real Hardware or Fpga. 7,5/10 for me !
more info about this game at Atari Legend :)
Did anyone obtain the source code for this (or if Jeff reads this, do you still have a copy somwhere)?
In the instructions, key commands, the indented keys should say 'shift', indicating the use of the shift key with that command key. This was somehow lost when my original instruction file was copied.

This program was never published or distributed by me. It was pirated and distributed by a British ST magazine without my consent.
Does anybody have scans of the airport directory's for Scenery Disk 9 they would be willing to share?
This version is actually called Bugs UK and is a special version by Dave Munsie just for ST Review magazine. I will send zip of the missing dump files.
This is License ware by L.A.P.D. 1992
Copyright Stephen Fowlston. Programmed in Compiled STOS
I rented this once as a kid and never got anywhere, now I can see why. Awful game, particularly the ST version which is unplayable. The character moves so slowly and awkwardly and bad guys are constantly knocking you down and don't react to damage so you can't even tell if you're hitting them. The only good part was the intro.
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