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Recent Comments
MSA image for DL here is totally empty one. And ZIPped size is only 1102 bytes - what self indicates that there is no data in it.
Please correct ...
The first, the Best !
One of the best wargame ever made, even today.
Is there a version out there that features a trainer for inf hit points? Thx
It is on 3 SS floppies. No box picture available.
Can DL floppy images at my ST Game Archive, or hard disk adapt.
I doubt there was. I was exchanging mails with David Walters around that time and if there had been a final release, he would have surely told me.
this is actually really good, quite the old school platformer that will instantly feel familiar to is oldies. Only one life? Yikes!
I wonder if PP would like to adapt and add a trainer? :)
Game is not STE compatible (from 1988), and crash happens not after few seconds of play but when player crashes motorbike :-) Yeah, there is strange code what uses TOS ROM content for crash noise generating. As address of it is changed by STE it will result in crash when activates.
I made fixed v. - get at 8bitchip ...
I got this free on a coverdisk, it's a complicated and confusing game when you don't have a manual and I'm not sure I ever really figured out what I was doing as a kid. For 1989 it had incredibly smooth 3D graphics, most games from that era chugged along at 3-5fps and we accepted it at the time, but Interphase probably ran closer to 15-20fps and it felt SO smooth at the time. I just looked up a video of someone playing it on YouTube and yes its definitely not 60fps but it's still playably smooth by today's standards
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