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Recent Comments
Really nice arcade port.
Fun music track by Furniss.
Great graphics.

It is a bit challenging, but fun playability.
Highly recommended!
Climb to safety on bubbles while underwater.
Lovely graphics. Can be frustrating due to random bubbles.
Otherwise, recommended.
Really nice puzzle action game published by Loriciels France.
Nice graphics, digital music and good sound effects.
Disk 2 Track 0.0 also need a clean up and a redump. thanks :)
@Administrators : Disk 1 tracks 10.0,13.0,21.0,22.0 are bad and require a clean up and a redump.
@Administrators : Disk 2 Track 3.0 is bad, the disk requires a clean up and a redump.
@Administrators : The dump is not good enough for preservation. Please ask to the contributor to clean Disk 1, and redump.
Low scores!?!?
I don't know what people are smoking here!?!?

Sure the game runs slowly....a negative for sure.
But that makes the first scene more fun.

Other formats are ridiculously hard in that first scene.

The music is lovely. The graphics and animation are terrific.

Highly recommended!
While published as a budget game, Blazing Thunder is a fun typical shooter. Blast the bad guys, collect power ups, and defeat the boss.

The AtariST is the best of 5 formats.

Highly recommended!
An excellent port developed by Ocean France.
Music and sound effects, arcade like graphics!
Unfortunately, there is some slowdown.
Otherwise, recommended!
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