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Recent Comments
I play this game all the time. Love it.
I saw this game in the late 80's. This was really recommended to me. Now, this is 2021 and I'm still not sure, if I would like to play for a longer while. Is it really that good?
Very average and boring game, which looks much better on Amiga 500 (and still is boring). The Atari ST loses nothing here.
Very nice game, but Starglider 2 is much better. Check this one and once bored switch to Starglider 2. Plus is that it works on monochrome display, like SM124, but as far as I remember Starglider 2 does it, too.
Elvira is just great in both the first and the second part of this game :-) Worth every minute.
Very good looking game. Ambitious also. However, I found this to be too hard and a little bit boring. My friend, who was in the type of a very good student in primary school, was really impressed with Tower of Babel. More than 30 years passed and I don't know why? :P
This is the one of the best games for Atari ST ever! This runs a little bit smoother than on Amiga 500, so we can consider Atari ST version to be the best among 16-bit computers of the early 90's. I played this game for hours with my best friend back in time :-)
I remember I got this game from my friend. She had Atari ST with the set of many other games, like Moon Patrol, Beyond the Ice Palace, Joust, Cracked etc. And this, of course. Ranarama was really nice - I'm somehow impressed even today since 1990 :-) However, I believe one cannot finish this game. Am I worng? Could you prove that I'm wrong?
I finished this game many times back in the early 90's and these days. Always with trainer enabled :-) However, this game gives a lot of fun. We finished this game somewhere in 2016 with my older son and about two weeks ago with the younger one. I saw this game for the first time on my friend's Amiga 2000 - it was about 1991.
I felt in love with this game back in the late 80's. Somewhere between 2007 and 2008 I exchanged some messeages with the son of one of the authors of this game on YouTube. I'm happy I could tell him that I loved this game as a kid :-)
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