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One of the best games I featured on my website, thanks to Atari Legend. I had a fantastic Christmas playing this and intend to continue on again. YOU should play this :)
This was, I think, either the first or second one-on-one fighting game I ever played. (International Karate on Atari 8-bit was probably the first!) Never did figure out the "secret of the drum" for that final stage, though -- anyone know what to do?
Ahah, that title logo, pretty pretty close.
One of the hardest games i've ever experienced, and for a mix of guessing + fast reflexes.
At times, it feels a bit like playing Arkanoid with a paper sheet covering the upper 2/3 side of the screen. ^_^;
I remember picking this one up at an import shop here in California. They would sell all of the games that had a 50/60hrz switch in them (on of the function keys). In any case these are 4 of the bast arcade games for the ST and the pack was certainly worth the $34.99 in 1990
Blitter version is excellent!
Developer interview:
"The ST was shite and should never have been released".

"But you made a couple good games for it"

"Rubbish, I didn't make any money"

"Ok then..."
yeah. I quite recently bought it.
so thats how i know this. (was very supriced even.)
This game is useless without the manual or the specific code words that are used as a copy protection.
Fait parti des hits sur la machine. Un jeu à part qui n'a rien à voir avec les autres. Même si quelques défauts sont présents, on ne reste pas insensible à cet univers glacial. Le wagon boudoir en devient même rassurant dans ce monde blanc et hostile.

Graphismes vraiment superbe, bande sonore parfaite... Même la boite envoyait du rêve à l'époque!!!!

Un grand jeu de Silmarils. Un super studio qui m'a fait rêver sur mon St.
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