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Wow, I'd forgotten this game existed. It was pretty enjoyable but the game was EXTREMELY slow when it came to saving the game, so early teen bad programmer me went into the STOS basic code and optimised how the save routine worked. I think that was the first time I ever worked on somebody else's code.
Dump here is OK. Only that some people is dumb to see why it works not on all configs.
The problem is in STARTGEM.PRG in AUTO folder - works only with TOS 1.00-1.02. But you don't need it with 1.04 and above - can solve automatic start via DESKTOP.INF and application settings. Really pretty basic stuff.
There is some error about countries shown here. Game (playing from STX images here) freezes right at start when refresh rate is 60 Hz (NTSC) .
And it is not bug but there is test for refresh rate, and if not 50 Hz it freezes. Would be good to correct it. See thread at atariage ...

Thanks, I removed USA from the list.

The 16-color pixel art of the Atari ST version is way better than the Amiga version, which is only downsampled from VGA to 32 colors. :p
It's just a pity that the Atari's midi capability was not supported, unlike what Sierra did with its games.
Genre shouldn't be "Board Game" but rather Logic Game / Puzzle Game.
Blaxx can be described as a more difficult variant of Sokoban, in which instead of being able to move boxes step by step, all objects set in motion do not stop before the next obstacle.
Special elements provide additional challenge.
Best game ever!
It's kind of Boulder Dash with weapons.
I remember creating nasty levels with the included level editor and then watching my sister fail :D
Also unforgettable is the music by Jochen Hippel.
I was not expecting much, but this really is a very well made early ST game.
It's much better than Screaming Wings and the 1943 port.
The chip tune in the game is really fun and bouncy.
It's a weird but not bad at all little shooter.
Once I got my head around the nonsensical nature of the game I found myself really enjoying this and couldn’t put it down. Excellent fun, feels like Hotline Miami the driving game.
Very promising game, good atmosphere and well designed stages (well the ones I could play before it crashes). Could do with a little more speed and intensity but still a good time.
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