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Absolutely terrible :D
I got my Atari 520 ST 1985 and this is one of the game I remember I played alot. love the Title music, it brings you back in time.
Interesting game in 19-th Century science fiction style. Correction: min RAM is 1 MB. Game is on 2 floppies.
STX images and other are here:
not sure there is so much more in this preview "game". all extra files are pictures, and DSP sound rout. the actual prg is only 140k unpacked. so.
i barely belive there is any racing codes..
One of the greatest Atari ST games, indeed. Why rating here is not better ? I guess, just because it is not that kind of game where is east to get in. Axial ship control needs some time to accomodate. Missions need some planning, experimenting, not just shooting everything around. If you invest some time it in, it will be rewarded :-)
Do you have any sources backing this up? Core did release two games for ST in 1992 and Jaguar XJ220 was still under development in late 1992.
This game never was planned on the Atari ST. Core has pulled the plug way before.

It's a Commodore Amiga only game.
Disks b, e and k still needet. Others are made. (Pastisoftware not read some of these disks. I example try some disk b's, so it is not diskbroblem.)
Great Game, Worth the play time
Excellent jeux avec une bonne ambiance bien pesante. Voix digitalisé un must pour l'époque.
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