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One of MicroProse's finest. Not only a great game, but also had one of the finest manuals I've ever seen -- a thick, glossy publication that was as much an interesting book about military aircraft and strategy as it was about actually playing the game itself. If you can track down a complete-in-box copy of this, it's well worth adding to your collection.
Does not work!


Well, it launches just fine under STeem Emulator. Please note that STX-images can't be played on real ST without SD-card solution, and even then there are restrictions. You also need Pasti extension for your emulator to run STX-images and play around with various TOS and RAM configurations, check that your disk drive emulation is not accelerated etc... TOS 1.02 / 1MB STf is a good starting point. Also switching off drive B helps in some cases. Old computers are not plug'n'play. See further information of Pasti extension from

I hacked that game. There was a protection mechanism that checked whether track 42 (sic!) of the floppy was not formatted. Replaced the conditional jump with a NOP of the 68000. Long time ago.
I like the gameplay. And the soundtrack is awesome.
Didn't have any problems setting the right resolution.

Storymode could use some more levels.

Beside that it is a nice homebrew game.
Brilliant, wonderful game. Beautiful graphics and wonderful sounds.

The publisher is incorrect. This was from Cinemaware, not Mindscape.

First Amiga release was published by Cinemaware. Later Amiga versions and every USA Atari ST retail version i've seen so far were exclusively manufactured and distributed by Mindscape, as indicated in the front box scan. Exclusive distribution is in contrast with the company being the publisher of the game.

This Tetris clone got an interesting gameplay.
You must clear a defined number of lines on each level. Then, as levels progress, new pieces are introduced (pentominoes mainly, but also trominoes), as well as some field garbage at level start.
Also, depending on the height of the garbage you left when completing a level, you can progress 1 or more level directly, stay on the same level, or even fall back to a previous level!

Also the intro is funny with an ST crash simulation. ;)
What a wasted opportunity !
Could be great game, but ...
good, I am new and would like to know how to execute the file that I download from here?


Hi Javier,

Pasti (STX) is one of the preservation formats which doesn't work on a real Atari ST hardware, ie. it includes a full copy protection like an original retail disks back in the day.
If you use STeem or Hatari emulator, you need to copy a file called PASTI.DLL to the same directory where your emulator executable is.

You can download the Pasti file from

Remember to activate the Pasti option from emulator's disk manager settings :)
Manual does not provide sufficient info what video mode exactly to set. Despite it was told to programmer. Not to mention that it should be better that program self set needed video mode.

But I'm not surprised. That's what I experience for over 12 years in this waters :-)
The ST version has a flaw in the battle resolution. The atari 800 version does not have this flaw. If you want to play the game I recommend the coconet version:
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