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Audio Sculpture
Mug uploaded manual here
Audio Sculpture
Turns out it was very 1.2! Dump of disk a is over at St forum for grabbing.
Demo Construction Kit
Here is a dump of Demo Maker

Thank you for the link. Unfortunately the version behind your link is a modified copy with crackers message. Therefore it doesn't qualify as a dump made from an original software disks.
Fleet Street Publisher
This app was my introduction to DTP. I bought it primarily for creating menus for my family restaurant and it was perfect for the task.
Audio Sculpture
I have either 1.3 or 1.4 original


Any chance to have a dump and/or scans to our database?

Personal Pascal
Manual link below
Advanced OCP Art Studio (The)
Thank you to whoever sent this in :)
The Frogger sprites were done using this program. Extremely powerful sprite editor! And used by many in the industry back in the day..
1ST Word Plus
Ahh - thank you, I now see a download link :D
Atari Mania is the BEST.
ST Writer
Nice to see you here, Dan.
This software is a piece of archeology. :)
Super Conductor
I built 100 songs using Super Conductor. It had all the midi recording, editing, payback features you needed. It's main screen was pretty unique I thought. You could record pieces of a song, name them, and line them up in the tracks with the mouse on the main screen. You could copy and paste or drag these pieces to any track on the screen.
After some persuasion Michtron let me modify the source because I had hit several limits of the program, only because the arrays weren't big enough. The authors didn't expect anyone to record length ELP, Yes, or older Genesis type songs on it.
There were other programs with many more features, but like I said this one had all the basic MIDI features you needed for recording and playback. (quantizing and editing notes or events)
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1ST Word Plus
1ST Word Plus
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