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K-Spread is the only Atari spreadsheet that I have found that calculates correctly. All of the rest (Works, LDWPower, Calc3D) use floating point math and do not use BCD so their calculations are incorrect and have serious rounding errors. But, K-Spread is temperamental to use.
I grabbed this to read the Keys! manual in Desk Top Publisher Format with the DTP extension.

To work with Hatari, I had to run GDOS off Disc A, but once I got that together, it worked perfectly!
Happy to find this! I used it to read documentation for Keys 2.2 - a great little step sequencer. Great software package.
I wrote Mailing Manager ST for the Atari ST/TT back in 1991 using GFA Basic. SOld that program until I sold the writes in 1996. I think it was like 16,000+ lines of code and I maxed out what you could have in a resource file (64k I think).

Those were fun times. I moved on to PC software development using VB 4/5/6 and then VB.Net.

For it's day, GFA Basic was cutting edge and very quick. Only a few things I ever did needed more speed, and I then wrote that stuff in Assembly.

Still some of my best memories were back in the day with GFA.
No wonder - I developed Paula on a TT030 because at that time, there was no decent mod player available for the TT, and I wanted to enjoy my MODs in a nearly distorsion free glorious stereo sound :)

BTW: you can find the source code as well (Google will help)
Mon premier logiciel de dessin que j'ai utilisé avec mon Ste. Très plaisant à utiliser, relativement ergonomique et en français! Peut être pas aussi puissant que les ténors du genre mais suffisant pour un graphiste débutant. On peut faire des trucs bien sympa avec. Surtout qu'il était vendu à un tarif correct à l'époque.
Fantastic piece of software, hugely expandable too. The easy-to-learn nature of BASIC coupled with some extremely powerful tools for manipulating graphics, sounds and, with expansions, samples and even 3D graphics.

The "Game Creator" moniker sets expectations that this package can't *quite* keep -- you still need to do actual programming, even if it is in a simple language like BASIC -- but the included accessories make things like creating sprites, maps and music a breeze. You just need to figure out what to do with them!

Later succeeded by Clickteam's Klik and Play/Games Factory/Multimedia Fusion series for Windows PC, which ditched the programming in favour of a nearly-all-in-one drag and drop solution.
I have the original Future Design box with everything including a bad disk, i may take the copy and write it to a disk then put it in the shell for the original. As far as I can tell the shell is OK, but the disk went bad.
I have one in 1988 and need play with one again because my Disk don't work anymore file's will be dell or stay corrupt sometimes. You can send me one?
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