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Ths program had Midi and Audio sequencing way back when,,Its amazing Part/Track based approach is very flexible.. unen in any other DAW know of. If you use A vst Host program, you can get awesome results. I had Vsn 1.8.. never released.. but now lost due to HDD crash sob...
Thats why Im here.. looking for a replacement..
Mug uploaded manual here
Turns out it was very 1.2! Dump of disk a is over at St forum for grabbing.
Here is a dump of Demo Maker

Thank you for the link. Unfortunately the version behind your link is a modified copy with crackers message. Therefore it doesn't qualify as a dump made from an original software disks.
This app was my introduction to DTP. I bought it primarily for creating menus for my family restaurant and it was perfect for the task.
I have either 1.3 or 1.4 original


Any chance to have a dump and/or scans to our database?

Manual link below
Thank you to whoever sent this in :)
The Frogger sprites were done using this program. Extremely powerful sprite editor! And used by many in the industry back in the day..
Ahh - thank you, I now see a download link :D
Atari Mania is the BEST.
Nice to see you here, Dan.
This software is a piece of archeology. :)
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