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I have the original Future Design box with everything including a bad disk, i may take the copy and write it to a disk then put it in the shell for the original. As far as I can tell the shell is OK, but the disk went bad.
I have one in 1988 and need play with one again because my Disk don't work anymore file's will be dell or stay corrupt sometimes. You can send me one?
Mark Williams C Package complete with 6 disks and documentation available at :!4JVH3ayK!Bu5-bDni0flCfau3KoTJvA

Thank You for your support :)

Ths program had Midi and Audio sequencing way back when,,Its amazing Part/Track based approach is very flexible.. unen in any other DAW know of. If you use A vst Host program, you can get awesome results. I had Vsn 1.8.. never released.. but now lost due to HDD crash sob...
Thats why Im here.. looking for a replacement..
Mug uploaded manual here
Turns out it was very 1.2! Dump of disk a is over at St forum for grabbing.
Here is a dump of Demo Maker

Thank you for the link. Unfortunately the version behind your link is a modified copy with crackers message. Therefore it doesn't qualify as a dump made from an original software disks.
This app was my introduction to DTP. I bought it primarily for creating menus for my family restaurant and it was perfect for the task.
I have either 1.3 or 1.4 original


Any chance to have a dump and/or scans to our database?

Manual link below
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