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Screenshots - Dr. Necro

Dr. Necro atari screenshot
Dr. Necro atari screenshot
Dr. Necro atari screenshot

Information - Dr. Necro

GenreBrain - TetrisYear1994
LanguageOtherPublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperNecroware Development
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Schafer, Ken

Graphic Artist(s)

Schafer, Ken / Zee, Andrean

Game design

Schafer, Ken

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Schafer, Ken / Frick, Ryan

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / ?
MIDIVersionC 0.40 [Beta]
Dumpdownload atari Dr. Necro Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Additional Comments - Dr. Necro

Other versions with the same title:

[no publisher] (version GFA 0.58 [Beta]) (), [no publisher] (version GFA 0.62 [Beta]) ().

This version is written in C / Machine Language and runs with 512k.

Instructions - Dr. Necro

Welcome to Dr. Necro, C version 0.40!!

What it is:
Dr. Necro is an Atari ST game, similiar to Dr. Mario(tm) on the
Nintendo(tm) game system.

What it isn't:
This is *not* a finished product.
The intro and endings are, of course, incomplete. The background music is,
shall we say, rough?  However, the game is playable as is, and should
provide a stable beta test platform.

How to play:
The concept is simple,  The main screen has a 'bottle' containing some
viruses.  Your job is to kill off all the viruses, using colored 'pills'
that appear at the top of the bottle.  A virus is destroyed when a line of
4 or more 'pill-parts' of the same color as the virus is made.  When all
of the viruses are killed, you move onto a new, more difficult level.

Key             Use
------------    ---------------------------------------
Up arrow        Rotate pill
Down arrow      Move pill down quickly
Left arrow      Move pill left
Right arrow     Move pill right
Space Bar       Pause

How to contact NecroWare Development:

Delphi:   Necromancer2
GEnie:    [kschafer4]

USPS:     NecroWare Development
          P.O. Box 688
          Clark Mills, New York, 13321-0688

When sending checks, please make them payable to me (Ken Schafer),
otherwise, they will sit idly next to my monitor forever!
Checks of $10 or more will entitle you to a copy of the finished version.

Concepts to be included in the final version:
Better music    - Believe me, I hate the game music more than you do!
                  I had hoped to do a collection of NoiseTracker modules,
                  but it is only feasable on an accelerated STe.  =P
                  I do hope to have something of at least Music Studio
                  quality before the initial release.

Two players     - All the C routines use pointers to structures, so a two
                  player version will be very easy to implement, perhaps
                  yet another incentive to register!!!
2 players
via modem       - A little trickier, but not impossible, again, because
                  of the generality of the code, it should be easy to

Some thoughts on Shareware:
If you read the enclosed history file, you'll note that I have spent
*many* hours writing this program, and countless more thinking of the
algorithms used in it (the line check code alone has undergone several
concept changes, and, in my opinion, is some of the best code I have ever
written!).  This is all time I could have spent doing other things, but I
chose to write this program.  I have worked hard on this, and I would
appreciate that those who do derive some enjoyment from the final version
please compensate me for my efforts.

This version has no required fee, but all donations are appreciated, and
any amount over $10 will entitle you to have a disk with the final version
mailed to your home when it is complete.

I would like to thank those individuals who registered the first version I
ever released (GFA 0.58, mistakenly labeled .085b in the download).  It
was far cruder that this version, but they still registered!

Gordon Meyer
Wilfred Lussier
Michale Starnes

A hearty special thanks to:

Adrean Z. Marantz -- for the the first versions of the current title and
                      background screens, they are far better than the 
                      crude Degas pictures I had originally drawn

Ryan Frick --------- for the songs that he hasn't given me yet.
                      (hint, hint, nudge, nudge!)

Ted Evans ---------- Official beta tester, suggester, (whiner, 
                      complaner, why can't it have this-er!)
                      (kidding!) Many of the options and what-not
                      are the result of Ted's input (read that as
                      constant complaining! =)

Ken Schafer
NecroWare Development
3-9-93  11:05am

Why is it these things are never written/updated during the DAYTIME?? =)
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