K-Razy Antiks

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Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 10/05/2011
A very solid maze game with a number of unique twists. K-Razy Antiks was obscure even in 1982, but it's just a little out of left field, not quite fitting into the Pac-Man mold. Whatever. I always enjoyed this cart as a kid, loved the diversity (floods, anteater), and the game was always challenging. A very solid 7/10.


K-Razy Antiks atari screenshot
K-Razy Antiks atari screenshot
K-Razy Antiks atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherK-Byte
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Otto, Merrilee / Otto, Kenneth

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Cartridge
Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial?
Dumpdownload atari K-Razy Antiks Download

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CBS Software.

Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Fun · February, 1984Rating: 2 / 4 

K-Razy Antiks is a good idea that somehow failed to be turned into a good video game. The concept - an ant wandering in an anthill while avoiding enemy ants and other dangers - is clever enough, but it just didn't develop into a really interesting or enjoyable game.
Heading up the list of problems is the way the ants flicker on and off when they move - similar to the effect that made... [more]

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