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 8.3) What games support 4 or more simultaneous players?

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Contributors to this section: Jeff M Lodoen, Vidar \"Hawk\" Olavesen, Pat
Mulvey, Steven E. Posey (Party Quiz), Andreas Koch, Florian Dingler,
Matthias, Jason Harmon

a) The following games support 3 simultaneous players:
   (2 players via joystick, 1 player via keyboard)

- Dynakillers by GMG/Slovakia (Freeware!)
- Blastermind by Numbercruncher/Germany (Freeware!)
- M.U.L.E. cracked+changed by CSS/Germany (pirate copy!)
- some more PD and commercial games...

Arek Jezowski writes (16 Apr 2007):
- M.U.L.E. supports three players on two port joystick machines (800xl,
  65xe etc).
    the games goes like this:
      - joystick in first port
      - two paddles in second port
      - button confirming, land grandt phase, autcions - each player is
        using of its controller
      - phase that require movement (pub, mule deployment etc.) joystick is
        passed between players on its turns

b) The following games support 4-joystick head-to-head play:
   (Only the 400 and 800 computer models have 4 controller ports)

- Aliens a PD-game by ??? using an altered Dandy program
  (the Dandy font and thus the graphics were changed, however,
   the levels remain the same and can be used in both games);
- Asteroids cart. by Atari,
- Basketball cart. by Atari,
- Battle Room (CIA vs. KGB) a PD game by SNACC
- Dandy disk by APX,
- Depth Warrior by ??? from ROM magazine, Aug. 1984 ***
- Floyd of the Jungle
- Major League Soccer cart. by Thorn EMI,
- Major League Hockey cart. by Thorn EMI,
- Maze War disk or cart. by ???,
- M.U.L.E. disk by Electronic Arts,
- Roadblock by Brian Holness from Compute! magazine
- Silicon Warrior disk or tape by Epyx,
- Sky Warrior by ??? from ROM magazine, June 1984 ***
- Survivor disk or cart. by Synapse,
- Tank Battle by Fred Pinho from Antic magazine:
- Volleyball by ???
  (PD game written in Atari BASIC);
- Yellow-Brick-Road by ??? from ROM magazine, Feb. 1984 ***

*** these programs are reported to be 4-player programs, I&#146m
    not sure if they are meant to be 4-players simultaneously
    or 4-players - one after another (try to find out!);

c) The following games support 8 players on the 400/800 or 4 on the other
computer models, using the 2 controllers-per-port CX30 Paddle controllers:

- Super Breakout by Atari,
- Worms? by Electronic Arts
  (has nothing to do with the PC game!)

d) The following game supports 4 players on all machines, using special
4-button keypad controllers linked together with RJ-11 jacks (standard
phone jacks) to a box with 2 joystick port connectors:

- PQ: The Party Quiz Game by Suncom

e) The following programs support multi-joystick games, using extra
   hardware called Quadrotron (from the german Atari magazin 2/1989):
- test program for 4 joysticks (and assembler source);
- Quadro-Tron by H.Schoenfeld (4-player Tron-clone);

f) The following programs support multi-joystick games, using extra
   hardware called Multijoy (multijoy4 for up to 4 players, multijoy8
   for up to 8 players and multijoy16 for up to 16 players; originally
   developed by Raster/Radek Sterba, but also available from ABBUC):

- Cervi by R.Sterba (up to 8-players Snake-clone);
- Multris by R.Sterba (up to 4 players Tetris-clone)
- Bremspunkt by T.Butschke (up to 4 players Car-race);
- Sheep-Race by F.Dingler (1 to 8 players Sheep-race);
- CardGrabber by F.Dingler (2 to 8 players grab-a-card-game);
- Ice-Hockey by F.Dingler (4 to 8 players Icehockey-game);
- Quadrotron-M4 by R.Sterba (patched Quadro-Tron for Multijoy);
- Shot&#146em All by R.Sterba (16 players shooting-game)

The following are available at:
- Asteroids, modified for Multijoy by Schmutzpuppe
- Basketball, modified for Multijoy by Schmutzpuppe
- Tennis, modified for Multijoy by Schmutzpuppe
- Dandy, modified for Multijoy by Schmutzpuppe
- M.U.L.E., modified for Multijoy by Schmutzpuppe

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