6.9) What sound upgrades (stereo or 8-bit PCM) are there?

This section lists programmable system modifications or devices that upgrade
the audio capabilities of the Atari.  Devices or modifications that manipulate
the standard Sound Output beyond the software control of the Atari are not
listed here.

Bits 'N' Pieces: POPS, project by Lee S. Brilliant, ANALOG #66 Nov. 1988,
pages 54-60
- External device connects to the Atari SIO port, using pin 1 (Clock Input)
  and pin 2 (Clock Output) to tap into the separate Atari audio voices
  independently, before the system mixes them into the normal single-channel
  Sound Output signal.
- POPS provides either stereo (Left and Right) or three (Left, Center, and
  Right) audio output channels.
   - Two channel operation: POKEY voice 4 is output to the POPS Left Speaker
     (via SIO pin 2); POKEY voices 1-3 are output to the POPS Right Speaker
     (via the normal system Sound Output)
   - Three channel operation: POKEY voice 2 is output to the Left Speaker (via
     SIO pin 2); POKEY voice 4 is output to the POPS Center speaker (via SIO
     pin 1); POKE voices 1 and 3 are output to the POPS Right Speaker (via the
     normal system Sound Output)
- Software: POKEY Player by Craig Chamberlain, modified by Lee Brilliant M.D.

Pokey Stereo Upgrade project by C. Steinman, 12/16/1989 ("GUMBY upgrade")
- Original filename: STEREOXL.TXT
- Achieves stereo output through the addition of a second POKEY chip.
  (The second POKEY chip is referred to as Gumby.)
- GUMBY upgrade compatibles include:
   - StereoPlus by Gralin International, 1994?
   - Atari 8-Bit in Stereo, by Frankenstein, in Megazine #2, #3, #5:
   - Stereo in the "little" Atari, by Rysowal Monsoft, 2002?
   - Stereo by Pasiu/SSG, 2004?
   - Dual-POKEY Stereo Sound Board, by MetalGuy66, 2006
   - Atari 8 bit stereo upgrade FINAL ("Simple Stereo"), by Lotharek, 2006
   - STEREO by C.P.U., 2006
      - PCB version by Pajero / MadTeam, 2007
   - SimpleStereo by Candle, 2003-2008
   - Stereo Expansion rev.2.1 by Mega-Hz, 2010
      - Includes bass boost and GTIA sound amplifier
      - Earlier prototype: Stereo Expansion rev.1.2, 2008
- POKEY stereo / Gumby supporting software:

Stereo Blaster Pro (Programmable), by Portronic/AMC-Verlag (1995?)
  Andreas Koch writes: This add-on had only 1 small paddle, to amplify the
  sound volume; the stereo-sound could be generated via two simple POKE
  statements; a demo disk was included.
  See: http://www.strotmann.de/~highland/amc/amcprogs.html

"Covox" project, original by Psychol/MadTeam
- 4 channel, 8-bit sound playback (8-bit PCM)
- Digital to analog (DAC) converter based on the Covox Speech Thing for PC
- http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Covox
- Covox compatible projects:
   - Easy 4 channels * 8 bits Covox C/A, by: Gumi/Tight
      - Covox upgrade by Gumi, re-written by Pigula/Shpoon
   - SimpleStereo by Candle, 2003-2008
- Covox-supporting software:
   - Inertia 3.7, by Tebe/MadTeam, 1996
   - Inertia 4.5, by Profi/MadTeam
   - Protracker 1.51, by Profi/MadTeam, 1997
   - NeoTracker 1.7, by Epi/Tristesse, 2002-2007
   - More: http://a8.fandal.cz/search.php?search=covox&butt_details_x=x
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