Whack a Virus!

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Screenshots - Whack a Virus!

Whack a Virus! atari screenshot
Whack a Virus! atari screenshot
Whack a Virus! atari screenshot
Whack a Virus! atari screenshot
Whack a Virus! atari screenshot
Whack a Virus! atari screenshot
Whack a Virus! atari screenshot

Information - Whack a Virus!

GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear2020
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionHighLicensed from-

Valant, Janez [Swe]

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish

Stempell, Mathieu [DMA-SC]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced, TT, Falcon030 / 1MB
Dumpdownload atari Whack a Virus! Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable

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[no publisher] (version [Sommarhack Edt]) ().

Instructions - Whack a Virus!

        WHACK A VIRUS!

   Whack a Virus! is a small whackamole type of game. The main motive behind it
 is having fun! And what can be more fun in these times, then to whack some bad
 viruses!  Game will run on  all  ATARI machines capable of displaying  ST Mono
 resolution and atleast 1Mb of free RAM.   Including Falcon030 and TT on VGA or
 real ST Mono monitors.  On Falcon and  TT  with VGA monitors,  game will setup
 ST Mono automaticaly.  On TT exit to TOS does not restore resolution correctly
 Runs on CT60 and MiNT/Geneva as well. Could not test on Magic.


   Gameplay is quite straightforward. You use the numpad keys from 1 to 9 which
 represent 9 virus screen's in  the game field.   As soon as a virus appears in
 one of them, it  is analyzed and it's  info is displayed in the info panel. It
 can be found in  the bottom right part  of the screen.   There you can see the
 virus data, damage levels and other informations about it. You need to hit the
 virus, using the numpad keys before it slides back down!  If you hit the virus
 the score will increase and if you miss it, it will cause some damage dropping
 your life energy.  As soon  as the life energy reaches zero,  the game is over
 Also, if you hit the wrong screen, the life energy will drop by 20%! So, it is
 not good to whack all around!!!

   Sometimes a pill will appear. By catching the pill, you can get some bonuses
 to make your fight against the viruses easier. It can close screen (1, 2 or 3)
 but only till the next wave of viruses.  Or it can add 20% to your life energy
 or decrease speed. Higher levels offer more pills. There are  NO PILLS  in the
 FRANTIC mode!


  In the MAIN MENU there are a few options:

  F1 - START GAME  Starts the game

  F2 - GAME MODE   Game mode selector. There are a few modes:
	   KIDS    start with 2 slots and slow speed, slowly adding slots
   	           and increase speed. 0 bonus points.
 	   NORMAL  starts a few levels higher (17), more slots, faster. 15,000
  	 	   bonus points.
           HARD    starts at even higher level (23), more slots, faster.
 	           20,000 bonus points.
	   FRANTIC record/skill mode, starts with one slot, but after each
 	           virus, the speed goes up until max speed (6), then a new 
 	           slot opens, and so on. A miss means the game is over. 

  F3   MUSIC       Music and sound options:
         	   MUSIC+SFX  - music and samples  (STE/MSTE/TT/Falcon)
                   MUSIC+FX   - music and effects  (ST/MST/STE/MSTE/TT/Falcon)
         	   MUSIC ONLY - music only         (ST/MST/STE/MSTE/TT/Falcon)
         	   SFX ONLY   - samples only       (STE/MSTE/TT/Falcon)
         	   FX ONLY    - effects only       (ST/MST/STE/MSTE/TT/Falcon)
	           MUTE       - peace and quiet    (ST/MST/STE/MSTE/TT/Falcon)

  F4  - DEFINE KEYS Redefine action keys

  F5  - HIGH SCORE  Display last 10 best players

  F6  - GREETINGS   Display some greetings and credits (try numpad)

  F10 -  QUIT GAME  F10 also ends current game, skips hiscore entry, etc. It
                    is a general QUIT/ESC key.

    When in  MAIN MENU,  you can get all  the information about viruses:  score
 damage, names  (they are rather unique - lack of imagination from my side)....


  During game play, STATUS WINDOW offer many informations:

  SCORE	            Your score

  VIRUSES HIT       How many viruses you got hit

  VIRUSES LEFT      How many viruses to go in current wave

  VIRUS HIT RATE    How successful you are with hits

  EXPERIENCE LVL    Current level in the game

  HEART             Heart and slider represents your energy level, when it
  	            runs out, your heart is broken and the game is over!

  GAME MODE         Current game mode


   INFO WINDOW  offers information about the current virus during the game.
 Pressing the numpad keys in the main menu will show virus info, too. When in
 GREETINGS, then you can see some greets by pressing the numpad.

   Thats about all, I hope you will enjoy the game!


   P.S.:  I think, that ST-Mono resolution (high res, stable and sharp picture)
 is very underrated, so  I  decided to make game especially for the ST-Mono res
 At this point I must thank  MiC/Dune a lot,  for contacting me, and for making
 this really awesome graphics!  And also, for many good suggestions about games
 in general.  Same big thanks goes also to  Dma-SC/Sector One  for great music!
 It fits the game perfectly! Also thanks to gWem for SNDH wrapper,  GGN/KUA for
 some really useful hints, and to StCooper/PDZ for support..  And thanks to all
 still active (new and old) members of the scene, for all the  support and care
 over all these years! THANK YOU!

  P.P.S:  I was not able to test game much, so please, if there are any serious
 problems, please report therm to me: (janez dot valant at amis dot net)

   And last, but not least:

  * Graphics by MiC/Dune    -  as always, fantastic job! *
  * Musics   by Dma-Sc/SCT1 -  as always,   great music! *

Trivia - Whack a Virus!

Supports Blitter
Supports STe DMA sound

Features digitized sound fx at 25KHz on STe

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