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Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 09/05/2011
By 1984, Activision had finally began to take the Atari 800 seriously, and the result was much better and more complex games. Zenji is a terrific puzzler, catchy music, always fast and challenging in that classic Activision way. They should bring this game back for modern consoles. A must-have classic for the 800!


Zenji atari screenshot
Zenji atari screenshot


GenreBrain - MiscellaneousYear1984
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherActivision

Hubbard, Matthew L.

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Cartridge
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Additional Comments

Excerpts of an interview with Matthew Hubbard by Scott Stilphen:

SS: 'Were the games that you wrote ones that were chosen or assigned? How long did it take you to program each?'

MH: 'Of my released games, only Dolphin and Zenji were truly original works; everything else was assigned. Each game took 9-12 months.'

SS: 'Are there any Easter eggs in any of your games? Any bugs/glitches?'

MH: 'Lots of bugs and glitches; very few Easter eggs.'

SS: 'Zenji was rumored to be slated for the 2600. Did you work on it? Was it ever finished?'

MH: 'I started Zenji on the Atari 400 / 800. It was not planned to be a 2600 game, and I never worked on any port of it to any other system. All the ports were done by others.'

SS: 'Did you go to Electronic Arts after leaving Activision?'

MH: ' ...While at EA, I (briefly) worked with Dani Bunten (of M.U.L.E. fame) her for a few weeks, on the update to M.U.L.E., before the project was canceled. She was very nice. I once told her that she and the other transsexuals in the game business should make a comic book about their work and call it "The Ex Men". She thought that was funny.'


Zenji Atari cartridge scan Zenji Atari cartridge scan


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