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Atari A to Z (Pete Davison) - 16/07/2022
Shooting aliens in space? Pah. Been there, done that. Shooting down aircraft from possibly the most turbulent ocean on the planet? Bring on the Wavy Navy! Let's Play! https://youtu.be/h2k_D-Sk0LU
rave.N - 20/02/2016
This comment is long. New info. Helicopters which don't shoot ARE the failure, caused by cracked copies that don't have all the data. Zero out the last 100 or 200 bytes of a working copy and they will stop shooting. Another bug in a popular cracked file version loses multicolor on screen when waiting for player to press fire for starting new waves. This disk is the best we got, dunno why it functions without the bad sector, I think it looks for "duplicate sectors" sharing sector number 696. I cracked this disk download here (last night) and will describe how to make the best file version also with unlimited lives cheat optional.

Wavy Navy allows up to 4 players (info here needs correcting) but all share joystick #1 and players don't change in between lives, it is in between levels! To speed up gameplay, try Expert difficulty from the Select menu, and also, press and hold down the fire button during intermissions to cancel the fanfare music and to greatly speed up the tallying of your remaining ships.

CRACKING RECIPE - game fills sectors 37 thru 294, sectors 37 thru 188 were encrypted but sectors 189 thru 294 do not have encryption. This translates to within the disk image download, offsets $1210 thru $5E0F need to be unscrambled via XOR #$EB (decimal 235), and offsets $5E10 thru $930F complete the new file without XOR mask. The utility "Diskey" can show you the mask using its X command and the value 235. File header is 6 bytes $FF FF 00 10 FF 90, then lay down the data from sectors 37 thru 294, while unmasking sectors 37 thru 188, and then complete the file with the run segment 6 more bytes $E0 02 E1 02 00 10. The finished file is 33036 bytes in size, using addresses $1000 thru $90FF and begins running at $1000, trapping the Reset button isn't possible.

Now you have an executable file which requires a (blank) disk in drive 1. Step two, install this crack patch which eliminates the disk requirement: Change this 5 byte sequence starting at new file offset $4ABE from $"60 F8 60 00 00" to become $"68 68 4C 8E 5A".

CHEAT MODE unlimited lives, cracked versions. Find sequence $"B9 C1 00 38 E9 01" there are two, change the 1 to zero in the first sequence, amounting to byte offset $146D in the file being described here. Change $146D46D from $01 to $00.

The game often stops promoting you from rank of "Admiral" when there are 2 higher ranks mentioned on the attract mode, ranks "Defense Chief" and "President" but I finally just played a session in which I became President, so, it can be done. What's my term limit?
rave.N - 18/02/2016
Found proof (this disk ain't all right). Another thing the worms can do is ramp the difficulty up too high too soon, and if you compare this disk to others, this disk has the top row helicopters gunning at you with deadly machine guns right away starting on level 1 but in other copies, they don't shoot maybe not until much later in the game. This is independent of skill level you see on menu when pressing Select. Even more deworming is necessary than what's said in last comment, a mess.
rave.N - 18/02/2016
Wavy Navy program is a can full of code worms concerning copy protection. If your cannon stops being able to move to the left, and this could start mid game, it's a worm kicking in active. The commercial disk has and looks for bad sectors. The download here now is not VAPI i.e. is "cracked" and I've a hunch it isn't solid, but have no confirmation (yet). This download is encrypted in portions so you won't find it here, but if you search an unencrypted version (more intense crack) for the sequence $"A9 01 8D D7 30" this is like a command saying "start worm" and this appears in 3 places. Changing all 3 instances to $A9 00 ... ought to kill worm. Another effect worm has is starting game with 1 boat instead of 3. One trigger for worm is to fail sector test but there are 2 more triggers don't know what or when they are. Why not make this game be VAPI.
Siegfried - 02/09/2012
A very tough "invaders" type shooter that is unusual in your "cannon" (ship) being forced up or down by waves and sometimes "blocked" by a floating mine. Never made it far but always enjoyed playing.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 09/05/2011
One of my favorite Galaxian shooters. Wavy Navy introduces just a few key changes to the formula - rolling waves, mines, kamikaze attacks - and the resulting game is always tough, tense, challenging. The terrific music deserves special mention; this is a great showcase for the legendary POKEY chip.


Wavy Navy atari screenshot
Wavy Navy atari screenshot
Wavy Navy atari screenshot
Wavy Navy atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - Space InvadersYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSirius Software
ControlsJoystick, Paddles, KeyboardDeveloper
Players1, 2 (alt.), 2+, DemoCountryUSA

McAuley, Rodney

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Ross, ScottSerial
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