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Comments (4)
LS - 11/04/2010
Great stuff.
Andreas Koch - 25/01/2008
the extra-levels had also been published in a Happy computer magazine (thus, Top Magazine was not the first!). They promised to publish the level-editor also, but alas, it never happened. But clever people found out how to add new levels to Unicum and so I have two or more versions (with different levels) of the game in my collection... -Andreas Koch.
steve - 14/11/2007
Technically unicum is better programmed than arkanoid - the game that unicum is obviously developed from. The graphics sprite movement and handling are responsive, naturally so and are as smooth as silk. The sound is great too, it omits the sometimes questionable collision detection in arkanoid too. But let us not forget where this game is derived from. Excellent programming and highly enjoyable.
Thorsten Günther - 08/11/2007
This is undoubtedly the best Arkanoid/Breakout version on the 8-bit Atari computer. Forget the awful official Arkanoid conversion.


Unicum atari screenshot
Unicum atari screenshot
Unicum atari screenshot
Unicum atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Breakout / Pong / CircusYear1988
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherHappy Computer
Players1, 2 (sim.), DemoCountryGermany

Christiansen, André

Graphic Artist(s)Medium  
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Unicum Download

Additional Comments

This version features a set of extra levels first published in Top Magazin. Just press SHIFT+L followed by SHIFT+1 at the title screen and RETURN at the prompt.
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