Tax Dodge

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Comments (2)
rave.N - 20/01/2016
I grabbed 2 (cracked) versions, both turned out to be broken, but, broken due to transmission through the grapevine, not the fault of the crackers. In one you had no visible man and things moved in error; the other was more subtle, tokens would arrange asymmetric not orderly then eventually outright glitches were seen. Maybe nothing but broken copies is why there's no download here now.

By intelligently comparing the 2 programs each broken in a different way, I repaired them both. If you can locate the sequence $"E2 00 8E B6 06" it should instead start with $A2 not $E2, or , if you can locate the sequence $"41 68 8D 18 06" it should start with $A9 not $41. Take that!, chaos theory/entropy.

Nice game when you make it work right. In level 2 and higher you find a power up called "ACCOUNTANT" and when you "get an accountant" by walking across the word, a white bedsheet with a pair of eye holes cut into it gets thrown over the top of you, making you look like a Pac-Man ghost even tho you're supposed to be Pac-Man not an opponent of his. I hoped this would cause the IRS agents to have difficulty seeing you therefore difficulty chasing you, but I can't tell how it affects the game, anybody?
rave.N - 05/07/2015
Kind of Pac-Man with a Your Bottom Line theme. Created by the people who would bring us Archon and Archon II Adept a year later.


Tax Dodge atari screenshot
Tax Dodge atari screenshot
Tax Dodge atari screenshot
Tax Dodge atari screenshot
Tax Dodge atari screenshot
Tax Dodge atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherIsland Graphics
ControlsJoystickDeveloperFree Fall Associates
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Freeman, Jon / Westfall, Anne

Graphic Artist(s)


MediumTape Disk


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Tax Dodge Download

Additional Comments

Load with OS-B.

Many thanks to the Atari Software Preservation Initiative for dumping this disk!

Missing original tape image!


Tax Dodge Atari disk scan
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