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Comments (3)
rave.N - 07/12/2015
Concerning the larger version with complete music, it's not the scan of an original disk, instead it was "cracked by a" in 2004 and a little messy at that.

CHEAT MODE unlimited lives - change the sequence "$D6 $1C $F0 $03" into "$EA $EA $EA $EA". Most cracked version have just one of these strings but this messy disk has it twice, probably the 1st never gets used, but anyway, for cheat change offsets $16A7 thru $16AA and offsets $CB9D thru $CBA0 from the mentioned values into all $EA 8 bytes changed altogether.

A survey of actual bartenders reveals they would all cheat given the chance.
Punkydudester - 12/12/2014
Classic, controversy over the words on the wall were such a big deal that they had to change it like 5 times. I swear I've seen at least 5 versions. And why is there Mountain Dew on the wall, it doesn't foam up like Root beer or Beer!?
Gwobby - 02/11/2009
This UK (US Gold) tape(.cas) version only has two of the four different bars, so they repeat from round 6. They also chopped some of the music and sound effects on the soda shaker screen too. When you are out the game continues the same go, even if you don't press anything! Still fun to play but the other US/Sega version is better.


Tapper atari screenshot
Tapper atari screenshot
Tapper atari screenshot
Tapper atari screenshot
Tapper atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherUS Gold
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUnited Kingdom

Jordan, Ken

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk 
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Tapper Download

Additional Comments

Other version with the same title:


Original disk image needed!

Notice the different title screen in the European version!


Tapper Atari disk scan Tapper Atari disk scan 


Tapper Atari tape scan Tapper Atari tape scan 
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