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Comments (2)
Chris Parrett - 04/03/2008
You may laugh yer arse off, but I hid this game
as a teen.... 'oh, heck the folks are knockin'!

hehe....I was never honest enough to actually
strip....though I could imagne the folks looking
at me in strange wonderment.....eeeheehemm...
Suzy is cruel, Marlena is Sentual....

Game Rating :-->Worthy look @ 8-bits / Play On!

Jim Kuchera - 28/01/2007
Well, there is at least one great game that REQUIRES BASIC! And THIS is it! Graphics are cheesy, sound is awful, game play is rudimentary, refresh is pokey, nudity is more pronounced in a lingerie catalog---but man, what great game play. Your opponent mocks you, and whoever wrote the code, presents you with opponents who really know their five card draw power. If you play the game honestly, when you're behind, strip off YOUR clothes. Make sure you play this in a closet with the window blinds pulled because you're going to wind up in your birthday suit with your opponent fully clothed. Ah, I know you'll always come back for more. Guys are like that, you know. Well, have some good clean fun with this one. But don't tell your friends how you're spending your evening.


Strip Poker atari screenshot
Strip Poker atari screenshot
Strip Poker atari screenshot


GenreCards - PokerYear1983

Harnish, Roger / Zander, Dennis R.

Graphic Artist(s)

McFarland, Douglas

Medium Disk 
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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US Gold, Americana.


Strip Poker Atari disk scan Strip Poker Atari disk scan 


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