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JT - 15/04/2022
Ok this is embarrassing but yes this bug has a workaround on Atari800MacX. Display menu, Artifact, No Artifacting. This makes the graphics a bit more primitive but at least the game plays as it should. Actually I should have looked into it a bit just based on rave.N's original comment but it was his second comment on the "remake" of this rom that gave the clue. Thanks again rave.N!
JT - 15/04/2022
Huge belated THANK YOU to rave.N for that brilliant comment. This bug was driving me completely bonkers...tried various downloaded roms and could not understand why this game (which I used to own on an actual Atari 800) would behave that way! So, an emulator bug...very unfortunate/disappointing. I wish there was some way to get around it by altering emulation settings (but I have little time/motivation to engage in that kind of trial and error). Anyway this was a very nice game in the day.
D1 - 28/04/2020
A clone of the arcade game, Lunar Rescue (1979).
rave.N - 19/06/2015
Mediocre game, tho the animations of the big lizard (called a "pesky dragon" in docs) are soooooo adorable. Dragon can leap over pits, eat people, chews before swallowing, and keels over on its side when you kill it with your rocket afterburners.

Stellar Shuttle reveals Failed Collision Detect = an embarrassing bug in emulator Atari800MacX starting over nine years ago in v3.3 and enduring to this day in v4.6 the highest. v3.2 and earlier play right.

Emulator bug let's you fly through and shoot at without hitting asteroids. You can even fly through the ground without crashing. Stellar Shuttle is the ONLY one game I've confirmed fails but this bug is spectacular. My guess is it involves a mixed bag Display List and artifacting. The ground is drawn using artifacting (screenshot here was captured without artifacts, whatever) and Atari800MacX v3.3 version history declares a change in handling artifacting.


Stellar Shuttle atari screenshot
Stellar Shuttle atari screenshot
Stellar Shuttle atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - RescueYear1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherBrøderbund Software

Rutter, Matt

Graphic Artist(s)


MediumTape Disk


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial?
Dumpdownload atari Stellar Shuttle Download

Additional Comments

Enhanced with interlace and released as Stellar Shuttle 480i.

Missing original disk image!


Stellar Shuttle Atari disk scan Stellar Shuttle Atari disk scan


Stellar Shuttle Atari tape scan Stellar Shuttle Atari tape scan Stellar Shuttle Atari tape scan


Stellar Shuttle Atari instructions


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