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Comments (10)
simon - 07/10/2016
I loved and hated this game, was so hard and I never finished it. When I was bored of other games I would load this and get very frustrfrustrated.
Moo - 10/08/2016
Got this for Xmas '86! Despite the difficulty I really liked this game and it is difficult. Requires a serious investment of time, and starting from the beginning each time! Aaaah

Nice graphics and a real feeling of achievement when you make progress and solve a puzzle.

I did notice in a room with a vertical wall in the middle that if you drop items on the ground and keep summoning characters one will eventually appear in the wall and then you can pass through the wall safely. Not sure if thats a bug/cheat or intended.
steve - 08/01/2014
46 percent and rising, wow! what a hard game, 27yrs and still trying to complete it.
steve - 07/01/2014
Thanks stu for the c64 walk through. It helps but some of the instruction are ineffective on the atari. For instance you cannot summon them to the lift as far as i know...only command/wand - and when the characters move agghh. Still will persevere, with this beast.
childhood - 09/04/2009
every time I think about Atari65XE I see this game and I feel as if I were twenty five years younger :)
Stu - 18/03/2009

Find spellbound in walkthrough :)
Kajtek 666 - 28/05/2008
This is the toughest game i've ever played (on any machine). Have never completed it but i'll try again.
8oo xl memories - 25/09/2007
Never got near completing it, power pong plants and all!!
steve - 26/07/2007
Tough tough tough. I think I only managed 30% max. Has anyone completed it? Didn't think it was that great and still don't. The learning/addictive curve is far too steep.
John E. - 25/04/2004
This was a truly great game. It's just a shame the Atari didn't receive any other conversions of the 'Magic Knight' games.


Spellbound atari screenshot
Spellbound atari screenshot
Spellbound atari screenshot
Spellbound atari screenshot
Spellbound atari screenshot


GenreAdventure / Arcade - 2-DYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMastertronic (UK)
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Sheppard, Adrian

Graphic Artist(s)

Sheppard, Peter

Cover Artist(s)SerialMAD18
Dumpdownload atari Spellbound Download

Additional Comments

Two versions: original tape image and cracked release with extra loading screen.


Spellbound Atari tape scan Spellbound Atari tape scan Spellbound Atari tape scan
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