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Steve N. - 18/01/2010
I was blown away when I saw the graphics for this game on the back of a cassette box. Then I loaded up the game and got the biggest pile of junk ever. I've just had another go and could barely get the car to move. What a waste of time. I'm developing a racing game at the moment and it's nowhere near finished. It's still better than this game.
John E. - 07/06/2007
I remember being in Atari World (a shop that was Red Rat's base) in Manchester and hearing Harry Nadler (Red Rat boss) and some other guy chatting about this. Harry was not at all happy with how it'd turned out. Can't blame him but why ask Steven Macilwee to do the conversion? Has the guy ever written a decent Atari game?
Auntie Pastie - 06/06/2007
Oh dear; I can see why Red Rat initially changed their mind about releasing this on the 8-bit Atari. The game's central gimmick (the steering driver) does exactly what it's supposed to and looks fine, but that aside the actual through-window game graphics are poor. If I remember correctly, this game was first announced with 8-bit and ST versions under the same name. The ST version eventually became- I believe- Lombard RAC Rally, but given the differences it's questionable as to whether Speed Run was actually *meant* to be the same game as Lombard by the time of its release.


GenreRacing - CarsYear1989
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherByte Back
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

MacIlwee, Steven

Graphic Artist(s)

Lynch, Roy


Armstrong, Janette R.

Cover Artist(s)Serial

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Red Rat Software.


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