Shadow Hawk One

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floplop - 01/02/2017
This was the biggest hyped piece of crap I ever saw on the 800. Because of a lack of software in the early days, the company was advertising this garbage in every magazine hyping it and lying about how great it was. it was 49.99 and when I got a cracked copy I played it once and never looked at it again.
steven - 26/06/2015
I recall Glen decided Shadow Hawk should be developed in Forth after he heard that Star Raiders was Forth.
Adam T - 27/10/2014
For the Shadow Hawk writer below, Issue 1.4 of Softline magazine (March 1982) has a profile of Horizon Simulations. Unfortunately it's a bit incomprehensible, but it does say:

"In May 1981, [Jim] Landes got a fresh start, teaming up this time with two programmers, Glenn Clapp and Jerry Adcock. The three of them created Shadowhawk 1 for the Apple and Atari computers. Horizon Simulations was formed in July 1981 and product was first shipped in November."

That's all about this particular game. It also mentions Cloak and Dagger and Fathoms 40, and some games in progress: Scalawag, Champions of Ageroth, and Galactic Zoo. I assume the company went under before then.
Jerry Adcock - 07/08/2014
Shadow Hawk One in many ways was ahead of its time, especially in a marketing sense. It had a full color cover, shrink wrapped packaging, and 3D graphics. The graphics were really good for the time although there was a bug in the rendering process.
(_>shadow hawk 1<_) - 12/08/2006
this game was probably written in a language called RGL. RGL was a language for working with vector graphics in mode 8. i think RGL stood for something like "rotational graphics language", the copy i had came with several simple demos in RGL source as well as a binary version of this shadow hawk one game, probably a demo version.

i have looked for information on RGL and shadow hawk one on other atari sites but have never found any, and until i found this listing i never even knew that "shadow hawk one" had a commercial release.

too bad the two other horizon simulation games don't list any screenshots, i'd be curious to see if they were also vector-ish graphics mode 8 looking games. the copy of RGL i had didnt come with much documentation on the disk so i dont know if it compiled all the way down to machine language, but it certainly looked promising back in the good old days of coaxing ANTIC POKEY and GTIA to do their thing inside a 48k memory footprint.

thanks for bringing back some memories as well as showing the use of the name "shadow hawk" long before the graphic novel of the same name ;-)


(_>shadow hawk 1<_)


Shadow Hawk One atari screenshot
Shadow Hawk One atari screenshot
Shadow Hawk One atari screenshot
Shadow Hawk One atari screenshot
Shadow Hawk One atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear1981
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherHorizon Simulations
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper[n/a]

Leiterman, James / Adcock, Jerry

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Shadow Hawk One Download

Additional Comments

Many thanks to Syd Bolton of the Personal Computer Museum for the scans!

Missing original disk image!


Shadow Hawk One Atari disk scan Shadow Hawk One Atari disk scan


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