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Philippe Lafortune - 02/06/2019
This is one of the original best arcade style game for the 8bit Atari computers. Definitely one of my all-time favorites. Just like Pac-Man, it is one of those games that is simple to learn but hard to master. A challenging fun game that you will need to outsmart the serpents. They know how to trick you in chosen the wrong path and get crushed by them which almost seems their A.I. is a lot smarter than you initially thought possible; even the frog is smart! It is truly amazing that this game was done using only 8k with all the levels, enemies A.I., and with its fantastic gameplay. - 22/10/2018
This is a great arcade style game. One of my all-time favorites. Simple to learn & hard to master. A very challenging game if you truly want to outsmart the ennemies. They really try to trick you which almost seems the A.I. is smarter than you would have thought.
tkarner - 21/06/2016
I just discovered this game recently. It's nothing Earth-shattering but it is simple, fun and entertaining. Basically, everything an 8-bit game should be.
Matt Huls - 28/05/2013
Best frog sound effect EVER!


Serpentine atari screenshot
Serpentine atari screenshot
Serpentine atari screenshot


GenreArcade - SnakeYear1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherBrøderbund Software

Snider, David

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape Disk Cartridge
Cover Artist(s)SerialATCART-190
Dumpdownload atari Serpentine Download

Additional Comments

The disk version has an additional loading screen, more mazes and a high score table.

Missing original tape image!

Thanks to Jon Bowers for the scans.


Serpentine Atari cartridge scan Serpentine Atari cartridge scan Serpentine Atari cartridge scan


Serpentine Atari tape scan


Serpentine Atari ad Serpentine Atari ad


Serpentine Atari catalog

Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Fun · May, 1983Rating: 4/4 

Yes, Virginia, there are other maze-chase games besides Pac-Man. Serpentine is a brand new game from Broderbund Software and it doesn't look or play like Pac-Man at all. It adds an excellent new touch to maze-chase games - you don't have to clear the maze of dots, all you have to do is kill enemy serpents in a room.
You kill serpents by hitting them head on, providing... [more]

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