Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio

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Comments (2)
Andreas Koch - 17/07/2013
Well, I do have an english version of this game as shown in the screenshots here. The first (REM) lines of the program say something like brought to the BBS by Marc Matteo (no year given).
Besides that, I also have a german version of this game and the first REM lines say that Markus Mergart is the author (1982), the same man that programmed Kaiser later...

Not sure if the information in the REM lines, regarding the authors are true, however...
Andreas Koch - 17/07/2013
There are dozens of economic simulation games on the A8 (Kingdom, Safryland, Kaiser, Kaiser 2, Fuerstentum, Oilwell, Oel Imperium, etc.) and even this game is available in two or three different versions. After playing approx. 10-12 different economic games, I can say that Santa Paravia is a very good and fair game.

It is easy to understand, does not need any manual and has adequate (mostly text) graphics. Today I played the game twice and ended as King in both sessions. So, if you search for a Kingdom type game in the public domain, this one is it.


Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio atari screenshot
Santa Paravia en Fiumaccio atari screenshot


GenreStrategy - Hammurabi / KingdomYear
Graphic Artist(s)Medium  
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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