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Allan - 12/04/2021
Manual here:
rave.N - 26/03/2016
There's 2 varieties of cracked Mr.Do found "in the wild". Original scans are encrypted, maybe I'll try decrypting them but until then, here is the controversy. One has the sequence $"C5 88 90 17" whereas the other changes this to 1 instance of the sequence $"C5 88 90 41" instead. Can't say which is better with certainty, anything is possible such as maybe both were published and one is a bug fix relative to the other? Both are legal instructions, but, my educated suspicion is the $90 $41 is a corruption therefore the $90 $17 was meant to be. I haven't found the difference in game yet, so for now I have $90 $17 in my collection as "Mr.Do!" and $90 $41 as "Mr.Do! (alt)".

Reasons $90 $41 might be corrupt: the difference is inside a tight knot of code optimized for speed, maybe having to do with the AI of enemy movement. In context, Linear division of labor provides 1 instance of the sequence $"C5 88 90 16" which is clearly 1 byte in size difference from where $90 $17 should be, so $90 $17 makes more sense than $90 $41. Also, $90 $41 points unnecessarily toward a repeat of the previous 2 instructions. $90 $5B could replace $90 $41 and would execute more efficiently, if $90 $41 were right in the first place.
ATARILATINO - 24/02/2016
This 'version of MR.DO it's the best of all 8-bit version. I like it better than the C=64 and APPLE II version. The AII version sound and graphics sucks. The C=64 version have some sound missing like when the diamond appears.
rave.N - 18/10/2015
Top and bottom of screen were meant to be artifacted, using Blue/Brown colors, so that your lives-remaining guys are wearing reddish jumpsuits and have blue hair and blue sneakers, like the chr in the arcade version.

Here is another buggy game with emulation, sometimes the artifacting is messed up, sometimes it works.
rave.N - 15/06/2015
Not ! I played a lot of Arcade Mr.Do and no clone ever replicated gameplay correctly. Arcade has a little known trick maneuver where you get ready to push an apple on a beast but then you wait for the enemy to open its mouth about to eat your apple. Then push the apple into its open mouth and the apple will kill it then continue to fall and maybe kill others too. Wait too little or too long and the monster eats your apple and continues after you.

This facet of gameplay is crucial and I've never seen it implemented in any clone certainly not this one nor Mr.Dig. (Tim Ferris is awesome anyway).
Gwobby - 31/05/2010
Fantastic Game! Great fun and progressive difficulty make Mr Do! a winner!
m4rtin - 24/11/2008
einfach eine tolle spielidee
Paul W. - 29/10/2007
What a great conversion of a great game. The graphics and sounds are very good for the old 8-bitter. My only complaint is that when the action heats up and you need to make a quick move, the character 'Jerks' me arround when I need to turn fast. One of the best games I have for the 8-bit. In all my games for the atari, I do come to it often. Also try 'Pengo'.
Allen B - 12/10/2007
Impressive in every way (gameplay, graphics, sound), and extremely faithful to the Arcade version. It is just as good as the conversion on SNES, even a bit more challenging, which says alot for the 8-bit Atari. A must-have.


Mr. Do! atari screenshot
Mr. Do! atari screenshot
Mr. Do! atari screenshot
Mr. Do! atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year1984
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherDatasoft
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA

Ferris, Tim

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Mr. Do! Download

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