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rave.N - 27/03/2016
CHEAT MODE unlimited lives, file versions - find the 3 instances of sequence "$E6 $2A" then change the 3 $E6 to $A5, and, find the 2 instances of sequence "$C6 $2A" then change the 2 $C6 to $A5. Five (5) bytes edited total.

CHEAT MODE unlimited lives, cassette versions - this download is a cassette, trick its checksums by changing 10 bytes total. Change the 3 instances of "$E6 $2A" to become "$A9 $67", and, change the 2 instances of "$C6 $2A" to become "$A9 $47". Within the cassette image here for download, these 5pair are at offsets $3817-$3818, $3881-$3882, $3915-$3916, $392A-$392B, and, $3E34-$3E35.
Auntie Pastie - 12/03/2010
For some reason, Page 6 (the Atari mag, not the celeb-stalkers, obviously) gave this a better review than Mr. Do. I'm not sure why- Mr. Dig isn't awful by any means, but the official Mr. Do is quite obviously a much better version.
Andreas Koch - 12/03/2010
Thanks to ebay - I now have three different tape versions of this game. One version has a simple white label with "Mr. Dig" printed in blue on it and a length of approx. 160 blocks. A second version has a white label with "Mr. Dig" on top and "Dixon`s Pack" on the bottom printed in black; this one has a length of approx. 200 blocks. The third version does not have a label, instead "Mr. Dig" and "32k Atari" is printed directly on the tape - the tape is three to four times as long as the other tapes, alas I could not get it to load (not side a, not side b with five tries for each side) nor could I copy it...

I would not call it a poor man`s version of Mr. Do, it is not as good and much harder as Mr. Do, but still very playable. And most of all, this game is easy to get, you can find it quite often on ebay at low prices, whereas Mr. Do is much harder to find for a quite higher price... -Andreas Koch.
fog - 11/03/2008
This was a poor mans version of Mr Do.. don't get me wrong it was nice enough, but it was hardly original =)

nice game though.


Mr. Dig atari screenshot
Mr. Dig atari screenshot
Mr. Dig atari screenshot
Mr. Dig atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Collect'em!Year1984
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMicrodeal
Players1, DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

Jay, Rita

Graphic Artist(s)

Northern Software Consultants

MediumTape Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Mr. Dig Download

Additional Comments

Other version: Buddelmax (German release by QuelleSoft).

Missing original disk image!


Mr. Dig Atari tape scan



See cassette.


The game will start in its demonstration mode. At any time, press the joystick button and the level selection screen will be displayed. Select with joystick left and right (0 is the easiest, 9 the hardest), press the joystick button to continue into the game. The joystick must be connected to port 1.


You are in control of Mr. Dig! Use the joystick to control his movement around the screen. Mr. Dig starts the game (and each new screen) at the screen bottom. There are a number of groves of cherries that Mr. Dig has to pick by walking over them. There are also a number of apples which can be made to fall either by digging out the ground from under them,or pushing them (left or right only) until over a vertical tunnel. Also on the screen are four meanies, which start out at the screen centre. They will chase Mr. Dig and kill him if they touch him. Meanies cannot dig tunnels nor eat cherries, however they can become impatient and mutate into miners, which can do both.

When all meanies have left the screen centre you will see a treat there. By passing over it you will gain bonus points and freeze all the meanies / miners. Then three mallets appear along with the letter monster.

The letter on the letter monster will be the same as that surrounded by the letter monster at the top of the screen at the time the treat is picked. Mallets can be disposed of individually or they will all disappear when the letter monster is destroyed. Mallets will eat any apples they come across, and if destroyed individually will mutate into apples. When the letter monster is destroyed any remaining mailers will also be destroyed and you will light the letter on its chest. If you light all the letters in the word 'EXTRA' you will be awarded an extra Mr. Dig! There are two methods of destroying opponents. One is to press the joystick button to launch your power orb (to recover the orb, simply pass over it or it is returned automatically - with a slight delay - when it hits an opponent) or you can drop an apple on your opponent's head. Every 10,000 points, an extra letter monster appears, although there can never be more than one letter monster at a time. If a treat is collected and a letter monster already exists, the mailers will still appear, but the letter monster remains unchanged.


Each cherry eaten scores 50 points, with a 500 point bonus if all cherries in a grove are eaten without stopping. Eating the treat scores 1000 points. Opponents hit by an apple score 1000 for the first destroyed, plus 2000 for each additional opponent hit by the same apple. All other destroyed opponents score 500. Every so often a fallen apple will split open and reveal a sparkling diamond - collecting this scores a 10000 point bonus.


Mr. Dig's movement is restricted to a grid, thus he can move either horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. When you want Mr. Dig to change direction select the new direction in advance, and he will turn as soon as he can.


Pressing BREAK at any time will abandon the current game and return you to the demonstration mode. Holding down START whilst pressing BREAK will zero the high score table as well.


Pressing P at any time during the game will pause Mr. Dig, press R when you are ready to resume.


Microdeal's Mr. Dig maintains a high score table. If yours is one of the top scores you will be invited to enter your name at the termination of the game.

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