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rave.N - 16/08/2015
Great game here needs attention in how it's presented. The TDC download is an exact duplicate of the Micro value disk one, both are PAL - ONLY and I see red garbage at the bottom of title screen. Cassette version is the best and also PAL - ONLY. All versions are XL/XE only probably requiring more than 52k RAM.

"Mouse Quest" is the EXACT same game but not as good for these reasons: the Amiga version was named Mouse Trap not Mouse Quest, MQ was updated to no longer crash in NTSC but game element (s) such as music continue playing at different speeds PAL v NTSC so the update isn't really complete, and the person updating removed Brian Jobling name for their own? as if...

I think all should get a good look at this game mainly the cassette version in PAL emulation on a XL/XE. The Engine conveys the power that the entire screen can animate whatever you like! But I'm sure it has its limits. Makes you wonder why or how games having this much virtuosity didn't appear sooner on the Atari 800, here's my take. Game engine probably learns lessons discovered on 16-bit platforms like Amiga and BOBs (bit block objects) and probably also strip down the Atari OS for max speed resulting in an XL/XE hardware requirement.

NTSC mode only ever locks up when a BOB is scrolled on or off screen at top or bottom. My emulator only pauses not locks and simply switching to PAL then has the effect of unpause. Too simple a fix to go and remove BJ name for one's own. Anyway, the other Amiga game "Global War (Spitting Image)" draws with the same engine, pauses when missiles and bombers scroll off the top and bottom. This kind of Game Engine for Atari 800 became very popular among the Eastern Europe revival of software following the fall of communism and the Berlin wall. There are many examples on atarimania coming from Poland and Czech in the early 1990s.
rave.N - 07/08/2015
I think I downloaded the one marked NTSC and it still locks up here and there until switching to PAL emulation.
I think I played this on Amiga, judging from the date(s) probably the case. Game has the look and sound of having been developed first on 16 bit platform. Game called "Global War" here on atarimania also began as an Amiga native.
Muffy St. Bernard - 15/11/2009
I'm with Paul...this is pretty good! The controls are extremely responsive and the rules are straightforward (once you figure them out).

But what it REALLY needs is a "suicide" key for those very common situations when you've trapped yourself. Or is this supposed to convey to us the slow-dying ennui of a mouse in a trap?
Paul westphal - 13/11/2009
This is actually kinda fun after you figure out what you can and cannot get away with. The music is not bad but get's on your nerves after a while. The mouse 'death sound' is one of the most annoying you will ever hear in a video game. Fun for a while.


Mouse Trap atari screenshot
Mouse Trap atari screenshot
Mouse Trap atari screenshot
Mouse Trap atari screenshot
Mouse Trap atari screenshot
Mouse Trap atari screenshot
Mouse Trap atari screenshot
Mouse Trap atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Platformer (Single Screen)Year1987
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherTDC Distributors
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Jobling, Brian

Graphic Artist(s)

Jobling, Brian

Medium Disk

Jobling, Brian

Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Mouse Trap Download

Additional Comments

Other version with the same title:


Also released on the Four Great Games Volume 2 compilation.

Note that this specific version went through a name change and was re-released as Mouse Quest.

Missing original disk image!
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