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Monk - 19/09/2019
They said they're not into Atari, they didn't say they didn't like Atari. How could anyone not like Atari, is beyond me. Great, atmospheric machines with lots of good games and demos, and quirky, unique sound.

I am not into these Centipede games, though, it's basically the only 'early game style' that I just couldn't get. It seems so limited and narrow even in idea.

Give me Wizard of Wor or Pac-Man any day.
8bitjeff - 10/09/2019
"I don't like Atari" - then what the F are you on
Millipede is a good game, I love htis conversion, but it is a little slow.
To pick this out as the only good Atari game ever made means you are on some serious drugs.
Back to the game.
I find this and the ST versions fun to play, and better than the 5200 Centipede and other clones.
max - 20/08/2019
I'm not into Atari, I like very few games on this machine. This version is the very best one I know. It's real arcade gameplay, I mean it keep you busy like it should. It worth you own the cartridge. I don't know why centipede is in the top. Sure Millipede is a top 8 bit game. The other version I liked is the ST, but it's lacking that arcade feeling. (I'm not trying to compare the original arcade..)
Gwobby - 08/11/2009
It plays more than fine with the Trak-Ball, does it really matter which mode it's in...
Michael Current - 04/11/2009
The instructions mention Atari Trak-Ball support, but a trackball only works in joystick mode; there isn't really trackball support, unfortunately.


Millipede atari screenshot
Millipede atari screenshot
Millipede atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - CentipedeYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari
ControlsJoystick, Trak-BallDeveloper
Players1, 2 (alt.)CountryUSA

Crandall, Steve

Graphic Artist(s)

Johnson, Gary

Medium Cartridge

Fuller, Brad

Cover Artist(s)SerialRX8048
Dumpdownload atari Millipede Download

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Working title was Centipede Plus.

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