Lord of the Orb

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James - 31/05/2020
A vertically scrolling clone of Tutankham.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 24/07/2018
Played and enjoyed this game very much. It's very similar to King Tut's Tomb and Dandy, which makes it a solid pre-Gauntlet dungeon crawler. I'm happy to see several YouTube videos of the game in action. Good fun!
rave.N - 19/01/2016
CHEAT MODE losing strength no longer ends the game: find the only instance of "$E6 $C5" in the program code and change it to "$EA $EA".

CHEAT MODE unlimited ammunition: find the only instance of "$C6 $C2 $60" then change it to "$EA $EA $60". Notice the $60 stays, and there's a 2nd $C6 $C2 followed by $D0 not $60 don't change this 2nd one having $D0.

I compared many sources. The sequence "$AC $A4 $A4 $AC $A4" is a corruption caused by a transmission error long ago, many copies may have spread like a virus. Both $AC should be $A4 making a long string of $A4's.

@ Hiro, this is a 32KB program code+data requiring 40K RAM to run it, are you still certain you have a cartridge model 800? 800 carts stop at 16KB in size.
rave.N - 02/07/2015
I found a "cheat version" of LOTO and unlike your typical useless Unlimited Lives cheat this cheat gives you unlimited ammo and unlimited time/energy too. The cheat is quite fun to play and after completion I couldn't imagine winning the formal game seeing all what hoops I was supposed to have jumped thru.

Every minute or two of play reveals a rewarding new graphic of the latest treasure you've encountered. The orb itself seems slightly sexual, right Dr. Freud?
Hiro - 10/01/2014
I also have a pirate copy of this game, but on a cartridge. If it would help to at least get something dumped for the site, I'd be willing to loan it out for that purpose.
Fractal - 10/04/2013
I have this game on cassette. How can I submit it here?


Lord of the Orb atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAntic Software

Suarez, José R.

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)SerialAP103
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