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Atari A to Z (Pete Davison) - 04/07/2022
A prototype which never saw official public release in this form, Atari's The Last Starfighter ultimately ended up becoming Star Raiders II... but the original game is definitely still worth playing. And you can do so pretty easily thanks to the sterling efforts of pirates back in the day! Let's Play!
ChrisTOS - 16/10/2017
I had this game on a tape suspiciously labelled as Star Raiders II. I loved the intro, the title music, the space themed gameplay. I really can't remember how many times I've defeated Xur and the Ko Dan armada. And the icing on the cake was when I actually watched the film (movies were shown a lot later in Greek TV). When I realised that this game was a movie tie in, it felt amazing. And since I was (and still am) a huge sci fi fan and since every kid that played video games wanted to save the world with that skillset, it was brillant.
sparkle - 02/02/2016
the ficticious (at the time) arcade game in the movie was made by "Centauri" as in rhymes with Atari. quote from movie: "do you have any idea how long it took to design the game, to market it, and to get it on the store shelves before christmas???" great movie, any feature which withstands being watchable over and over again is great.

in our A8 game, if you stay in tight orbit around the sun too long then your Atari's screen Melts, sweet effect. you get several seconds of escape time after the warning sounds, but, in the Star Raiders II version you melt in less than a second
rave.N - 30/01/2016
This game is about a motion picture same year, and the movie is about an arcade game. The movie "bombed" (not a good thing in USA speak) tho I liked it and still do, so Atari changed the name of this game to Star Raiders II for release. SR2 has the same music, but not this profound title screen, and you say they added docking and damage repair? Now there's another SR2-1984 just showed up last month, it's unfinished but was more so an enhanced Star Raiders nothing like (the) Last Starfighter. Btw one of the characters in the movie is a "beta unit".
Punkydudester - 13/12/2014
I loved the movie and I was extremely disappointed that it was nothing like that really cool arcade game on the movie. If you don't compare it to that it is a decent game. I really thought the Atari 800 or even the 1200 had the ability to be just like the movie arcade game. They really lost out on the money that it would have made - idiots!
Kerem - 31/10/2009
I lost the tape.It was very good condition.
Yungstar 2006 - 28/08/2006
it is not the exact same game as Star Raiders 2, yes some of it is, but it does not have the dock and repair of Star Raiders 2
Nixon - 16/04/2006
this game had a real hot gameplay involving planetary battles versus fighter and bomberlike bigger spacecrafts, wich had to be defeated using a secondary torpedo like weapon, same as a strategic map of solarsystem wich offered refueling possibilty, access to the different planets, incoming enenmy patrols and so on...the most i liked about it was that you was able to go to the enemys home system so they can taste a bit of their own medecine...ah i forgot to mention that u could use your ship for planetary bombing too :)
graphics, speed, excitement it had just everything :D


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Last Starfighter atari screenshot
Last Starfighter atari screenshot
Last Starfighter atari screenshot


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