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Gwobby - 12/04/2011
Excellent Berzerk clone - more playable! Nice touch of bonus points for doing the levels quickly. The baddies only materialise on the top and bottom edges so they can be avoided!

Atarileaf - 18/09/2009
I just picked this up and am really impressed by what I originally pegged as a poor Berzerk clone. The speed of the enemy bots is very impressive and the game is fast and fun. Highly recommend. I didn't know this was R8. Wow, good find for me :)
Denis - 04/07/2006
I bought this as a kid with my own money since I couldn't get to the arcarde every day to play Berkerk. I loved this game. I still play it (so do my kids).

I would like to see the bytecode come off the ROM and into a Wondows virtual machine that runs the same processor as the Atari so I could play it on the pc (my Atari 800 doesn't run reliably anymore). Although it lacks the graphics and is a very monotonous game from today's standards, it's still more challenging than any game I owned since (Nintendo NES, Play Station, Gamecube). People are amazed when they see how fast the droids move in sector 7 -- which I often reach but can't hang unless I get a real lucky terrain.

I recommend this game to anyone who liked Berzerk.
martin - 05/02/2006
This Berzerk ripoff cost £30 as a cartridge and for it's challenge and impression was entirely worth it. Only thing I dont like is robots suddenly materialising on top of our man. No evil Otto or voices but sheer playability.


K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot
K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot
K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot
K-Razy Shoot-Out atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherCBS Software

Zalewski, James V.

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium  Cartridge 


Cover Artist(s)?Serial22100
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K-Razy Shoot-Out Atari cartridge scan K-Razy Shoot-Out Atari cartridge scan K-Razy Shoot-Out Atari cartridge scan 



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