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Comments (2)
GadZombiE - 07/01/2017
Of course this is normal game. When you see some components are corrupted, you need to find them and repair. It needs some time to figure out which component is where on the board because you can see informations on the screen what has corrupted. Now you must find it and land on this component (fire + joy down). You will see the paths inside of the component and must find corrupted parts and correct it with right piece. Pretty good game with great music but the idea could be a bit better. Repairing the components becomes boring after some time.
rave.N - 29/12/2015
[PAL only ]

How does one (or two persons) play? The 1990 Polish version has a scan of the instruction sheet, believe it or not: it's written in Polish. I can't make anything happen but, what happens to me is clever.

I get it we go "inside" the computer like Fantastic Voyage went inside the human body. The frilly thing dangling in the air off one end of the circuit board seems to be the power cord looks like it's been cut. Flying a little space ship around the components, random damages to computer hardware start happening, making themselves look like bugs in the game (!). The music can slow and distort, you can lose control of your ship, the "TV" can jiggle its Vertical Hold or change from color to B&W, the coolest is when the low res playfield suddenly switches into hi res to drive you PALs crazy with "ugly" American artifacting.

Meanwhile reports of damage are coming in. Viruses in Antic and Pokey chips, bad RAM, corrupt logic arrays. Eventually when the message "Virus found in CPU 6502" is encountered, the Power level which had been steady at 2000 begins decreasing like a time limit. When it gets to zero, we're treated with the coolest effect.

The screen goes into the "white noise" analog absence of signal from the 1980s, accompanied by sound. What fond memories. It's the war between black ants and white ants, and when the TV gets turned off: the black ants win. The 1990s saw digital filters replace this effect with a plain blue screen. This game reproduces the effect so perfectly that it looks and sounds the same no matter how fast you run it in emulation.

Is there really any game here or is it all a (clever) joke?


Inside atari screenshot
Inside atari screenshot
Inside atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1990
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSpektra
Players1 vs. 2CountryPoland

Mikolajczyk, Zenon

Graphic Artist(s)

Smyk, Miloslaw

MediumTape Disk

Husak, Jakub

Cover Artist(s)Serial
Dumpdownload atari Inside Download

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ANG Software.

Based on the C64 game Chip-War by Rainbow Arts.
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