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Comments (4)
Atari Frog - 06/10/2019
Page updated with full information and better screenshots. The older grabs were from ages ago when emulators couldn't faithfully reproduce artifacting on NTSC systems.
Monk - 05/10/2019
I mean, with monotone, you could have higher resolution, but this game doesn't utilize that for the main char for some reason, so it's a wasted opportunity.

With lower resolution (of the main char), you could have at least had colors, but again, not utilized.

It's like they took the worst of both worlds without utilizing the benefits, so we get a low-res colorless version, when we could've had either a high-res or colorful version.
Monk - 05/10/2019
It's sad, when Apple II-version of a game is more colorful and has higher resolution.

Atari could've done so much better.
Gwobby - 25/11/2014
High Rise is an excellent game, well worth checking out. A bit hard to differentiate between some of the pieces due to the artifacting on PAL systems but you get used to it!



Highrise atari screenshot
Highrise atari screenshot
Highrise atari screenshot
Highrise atari screenshot
Highrise atari screenshot


GenreBrain - MiscellaneousYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMicroLab, Inc.
ControlsKeyboardDeveloperMicroLab, Inc.
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Calabrese, Joe

Graphic Artist(s)

Calabrese, Joe

Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
Dumpdownload atari Highrise Download

Additional Comments

Press ESC for keyboard commands and I for instructional mode.

Missing original disk image!


Highrise Atari disk scan Highrise Atari disk scan Highrise Atari disk scan


The object is to score as many points as possible by creating a STABLE structure from the available building blocks within the allotted time period. Barnaby strategically places blocks on the springboard. The blocks are then sent to the building block area. When the structure sucessfully reaches the top arrow, without topping down, Barnaby climbs up the structure and into the next level. Each level brings Barnaby a new challenge with decremented time and higher levels which start with a pre-established base.

Watch Barnaby build a structure before you start to play. When he is finished, today's high score is displayed. High score is retained in memory until the computer is turned off.

* Move Barnaby left and right.
* Move the building blocks to the desired location on the springboard before Barnaby sets it down.

* Drop piece from bin.
* Permits Barnaby to set down block.

* Activate springboard to send pieces to building block area.

* Toggle the sound switch on / off.

* When Barnaby is demonstrating the game, press I for instructional mode to play without the time or score.

* See commands and stop the clock.
* Return to the game.
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