Hexen Müssen Brennen

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Andreas Koch - 05/07/2019
Errmm well, the version you have for download here IS the original version! I did not change that, but changed the version I have in my collection. (The original version consists of two files, a short title and the main program with alternate font, whereas my changed version has only the main program with standard Atari font.) So your download is the original version and all the bugs are still there... ;-)
Andreas Koch - 30/06/2019
The story of this occult game is more or less like this: You are in hell and your task is to leave it from time to time to aid or kill several creatures (humans, magicians, etc.), collect some magical icons and in the end become the devil yourself and sit on the devil's throne. Definitely no game for religious persons...

The game is written in german language and contains hundreds of spelling and grammer errors, think I corrected many dozens (but not all) of them. In the game you have to walk thru a labyrinth at one point, thanks to a wrong GOTO or GOSUB line, you cannot complete this, because after a few steps, you are taken back to the start again. When I corrected the small bug (just a typo of the line number the goto/gosub jumps to) it finally worked. Think I also removed the additional font/charset, so there is no "please wait initializing" at the beginning of the game. Still the game is not much fun and if you solved it once, there is no reason to ever play it again (think there is no reason to play it at all).

Who wants to become the next devil / ruler of hell ?


Hexen Müssen Brennen atari screenshot
Hexen Müssen Brennen atari screenshot
Hexen Müssen Brennen atari screenshot
Hexen Müssen Brennen atari screenshot


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Denk, Bernd

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Missing original disk image!
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