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Itay C. - 17/09/2021
@Michael B, I don't think there is a bad copy, it's more likely that you missed a crucial step. The following instructions for finishing level 8 work with every disk image I've tried:

1. Destroy the eggs until there are none left.
2. Collect the flashing asterisk shaped treasure near the top of the level (with a white hat) if you haven't yet. To do this you will need to carefully sneak into its location with your hat extended (the hat and "tongue" can move through red walls without harming you).
3. Lose your hat by touching one of the centipede bugs or the dark green block (near where you are dropped off at the start of level 4).
4. With these conditions fulfilled the bird will come and pick you up. Go to the position where you were dropped off at level 4. Wait for a bird to come from the right and hitch your ride.

After completing this level the game will restart but will be much harder: the game will no longer limit the amount of "woka woka" enemies, and a new one hatches every 30 seconds or so, so good luck :)
D1 - 09/10/2020
So why wasn't this game ever released? Seems pretty good to just file away...
Punkydudester - 12/12/2014
OMG I forgot all about this game, it's been so long but I remember loving it. I am going to play this very soon.
Michael B. - 05/12/2014
Beware of some disk images that have a broken level 8 of this game that can't be completed because the bird is supposed to pick you up in this level but it never does. I'm still looking for a good image but testing it is a pain because it's kinda hard to get to level 8 from the start up.
Muffy St. Bernard - 08/11/2009
This game is DAMN FUN!

Since there are no rules: You have a tongue that pops out of your head, always upwards. You can only eat green centipedes with your normal tongue, you can crush eggs with a brown hat on your tongue, and you can kill the "woka woka" with the white hard hat. Centipedes can't hurt you but they will knock your hat off, which can be disasterous. The woka woka kills you.

Each level you are given the number of "eggs" and "walls" you need to tackle. Crush the white eggs with your hard hat (which you grab from the bird). The "walls" are scrambled wall sections that are fixed when you walk near them. After all eggs are crushed and walls fixed, the next section starts.

Red things always kill you. During some sections the bird carries you elsewhere; to disengage, touch the white platform. Woka wokas hatch out of uncleared eggs. It is best to kill as many centipedes as you can at first, so they don't steal your hard hat later.
Andrey Sergeev - 03/03/2006
This was one of my favorite games on Atari - it offered many different types of gameplay, with big and interesting world to explore. I never seemed to get tired of it. Great game, with a lot of taste.
Basically, you control a bug-like creature (Willy, apparently) who could use its long lashing tongue to collect the eggs, kill enemies and even use it as a transport - you could stick your tongue to a bird flying by, and get transported to a different place. Based on this premise are varied and imaginative tasks you had to accomplish. The game is mostly about exploration, and to a certain degree - about reflex and skill. A good combination of these two factors made it so fun and satisfying experience.
Highly recommended!
Matt Walsh - 29/03/2004
This was an extremely imaginative and fun game with a great deal of depth. It also got pretty hard. This is the type of game you'd never see released nowadays.


Hard Hat Willy atari screenshot
Hard Hat Willy atari screenshot
Hard Hat Willy atari screenshot
Hard Hat Willy atari screenshot
Hard Hat Willy atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherInhome Software
Players1, DemoCountryCanada

Thompson, Bruce

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Cartridge


Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial?
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Additional Comments

Advertized as Hard Hat Willy and known as Hardhat Willy in-game.

Missing original cartridge image!


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