Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The)

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Allan: - 22/09/2022
Gorp Choochy - 16/06/2015
rave.N - 16/06/2015
Yup. Nice touch how player can choose to outrun the cop or slow to the speed limit. You need full throttle (240 mph right?) to outrun the cop so one's action seems to hinge on how fast one is going at the time the radar is detected. Can I get up to 240 without getting caught? Should I gun it because I'd get caught if I slowed down? Take too long in deciding and you always do get caught.

I'm looking for another car game I can't remember the name, anybody? I think it was top down view high resolution with artifacting and gameplay reminds me of the Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior movie. You had to equip your car with armor and guns and fight other cars and take things from cars you defeated?

What was that called?

Mike - 17/04/2014
Absolute pinnacle of 8-bit racing - the atmosphere of this game is so amazing!!
Baz - 30/09/2013
A genuine classic and for me, the best car racer I played on the XL because it had a good variety of things to contend against. Good graphics, excellent use of night and day along with weather conditions plus one could pick which routes to take. No two games were the same, so it was always an enjoyable challenge that I played many many times that captured my imagination... it felt believable. It has a dear place in my heart in my life of computer gaming.
John - 04/12/2011
This is one the best racer of the 8-bit era!!!

To Steven D. - the story about the cover car is so cool!
Steve D - 29/09/2011
The cover is my old Camaro / Gulstrand Showroom Stock road racer. I left the car in my girlfriends driveway after a race at Sears and the next day there was a note asking if we were available for a photo shoot.

The photography was done out on Pt Reyes at about 90 .
Cubretti - 06/09/2010
When I was a boy I never get to the NY. Recently I turn on XL emulator and set the "collapsing cheat ON". Since then, my car is no longer being stopped by anothers and I finally reached the NY and got a top rank! That was awesome!!! Greetins from Russia to all.
Heaven - 22/06/2008
not only was stunned by the "3d zooming Activision logo" at the beginning but as well of the game itself... loved Enduro on the 2600 and this takes it far beyond... played it over months and months thank god that the highscores got saved to disc...

thumbs up! a real classic.
John E. - 16/01/2008
My mates and I used to play this game and when one of them managed to get on the scoreboard before me I was absolutely devastated! As has been said: true classic.
Yungstar - 30/10/2007
a group of friends owned this disk and we used to pass it around to see who would get ranked higher on the score boards.

a classic for it's time. day would turn to night as you raced, rear lights would shine as you approached other traffic, weather would change a AAA of it's time
eppy2000 - 08/10/2007
I loved how this game required more strategy, combining elements of both Pitstop and Pole Position. I particularly enjoyed having to race during the night or various weather elements. It was fun trying to race as fast as possible without crashing into other cars. And it was a nice touch having the police on your tail if you got out of line! One of my favorite tricks was starting the race later so when I reached the final leg, there would be little or no rush hour traffic to slow me down.
steve - 26/07/2007
Best 3d racer on the atari. Great sense of speed conveyed, great narrative also, quick the cops, push to pump!!! Best racer for the atari hands down.
tou - 19/06/2006
fantastic games,
Alain of France
jac_Cac - 07/08/2005
Nothing to add. BrunonN's 100% right.
BrunoN - 30/05/2004
Classic, nuff said.


Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) atari screenshot
Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) atari screenshot
Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) atari screenshot
Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) atari screenshot
Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) atari screenshot
Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) atari screenshot
Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) atari screenshot


GenreRacing - CarsYear1988
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherFirebird (UK)
Players1, DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

DeMeo, Alex

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)[unknown]Serial-
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Activision, Activision UK, Activision.

Released as American Road Race.


Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) Atari tape scan Great American Cross-Country Road Race (The) Atari tape scan
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