Global War

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rave.N - 26/05/2016
Correction this was called "Nuclear War" for Amiga year 1989 (neocons now say it "Nucular War"). Spitting Image was a different also Amiga game where the political caricatures seemed so similar. Thank y'all for letting me correct myself through pretending not to read nor care, then not correcting this the whole while.
rave.N - 30/08/2015
The puppets from British TV "Spitting Image" were seen on American TV in the music video "Land Of Confusion" by Genesis and Phil Collins. Lucky thing nukes aren't anything but ficticious.
rave.N - 15/06/2015
This is a reproduction of the game "Spitting Image" for Amiga in the late 1980s. Spitting Image started as a British TV show having puppets and political satire. The game involves caricatures of world leaders hurling nuclear weapons at each other until usually everyone is dead or the one winner is last seen inhabiting a destroyed Earth.

Very fun. This version has all Polish text but having played the original, I can decipher what is being said always. Name Global War is too generic. I feel like renaming this file "Spitting Image (Global War)" or "Global War (Spitting Image)". Gameplay appears reproduced with high precision. Hopefully this adaptation lives up to the original, minus the animated puppet antics of course. Fair enough.


Global War atari screenshot
Global War atari screenshot
Global War atari screenshot


LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherLK Avalon

Elfinger, Peter M.

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