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Comments (21)
StaxX - 08/05/2017
Solution complète ici:

Mr_Options - 19/03/2016
J'ai enfin trouvé le code qu'il me manquait.
Il se trouve ...... dans le petit bureau oú on arrache le papier-peint.
Oui, il y a deux codes planqués dans cette pièce.
l'un des deux (EG67) se trouve avec les commandes :

L'autre, se trouve avec la commande :
On obtient alors le code : BLR02.

Je rappelle que la 1re partie du code se trouve dans la pièce des toilettes.
Il faut alors taper :
On obtiens alors le code : FR16.
Mr_Options - 09/03/2016
En cherchant un peu, j'ai trouvé oú se trouvaient 2 codes.
FR16 se trouve au fond des Toilettes.
EG67 se trouve sur le mur du bureau oú on arrache le papier-peint.

Je n'ai toujours pas trouvé le reste du code....
Mr_Options - 07/03/2016
Merci beaucoup pour l'aide....

Juste une dernière question:
Le code correspond à quoi au juste ????

Encore merci.... ??
SamGaz - 20/02/2016
salut Mt_Options :)


To Mt_Options,

try this:


voila :)
Mr_Options - 11/02/2016
Is there a way or a known adress were we can get in touch with the author ???

Thanks to everyone that could help me.

Andreas Koch - 01/12/2015
Sorry, I could not verify the text/solution, since I did not own the french version of F.R.E.E. And errm, I found the solution somewhere on the internet and think I already said, that I do not know if it is fully correct. Maybe I should have added, that the text/solution was not tested by me. I can download the french version now, but its been more than 20 years since I spoke, wrote or read french language, so I doubt I can get any further in this game.

Maybe the author can help us with the french and the english solution of this game...?!?
Mt_Options - 01/12/2015
The solution has a mistake.
After "Pousse Peintures", impossible
to enter "Frappe Paintures".
There's an error in the text.
To the person who put the solution here,
can you verify the text you put here ??

Mr_Options - 16/11/2015
La solution est erronée.
Apres être arrivé dans la 'galerie', je pousse les peintures et découvre le COFFRE-FORT. Je regarde le COFFRE-FORT et je découvre un CLAVIER ALPHANUMERIQUE.
Dans la salle juste à l'EST, en arrachant le PAPIER-PEINT, on découvre "EG67" inscrit sur le mur.
Est-ce le code à entrer sur le COFFRE-FORT ??
Dans la solution, il est marqué "Frappe Paintures".
En plus d'etre mal orthographié, la commande ne marche pas, même bien écrit.
Que faut-il donc faire après avoir poussé les peintures pour récupérer le BOUT DE BAGUETTE mentioné dans la solution juste aprés ???

H E L P .....
Andreas Koch - 24/05/2015
Well, this is the french solution I have (not sure if it is fully correct):


SOLUTION DE F.R.E.E.: Appuyer sur la
touche "BREAK" pour les images sur
XL et XE !! Cette touche ne sert pas
sur les vieux Atari 400/800 !!!

regarde mur, prends brique, apelle
garde, assomme garde avec brique,
fouille garde, deshabille garde, est,
sud, ouest, prends scie, aiguise
scie, est, sud, ouvre porte avec
clef, est, nord, est, prends journal,
ouest, nord, est, prends grenade,
prends fouet, ouest, sud, sud, ouest,
haut, est, donne journal au
domestique, est, touche interrupteur,

pose brique, pose clef, pose journal,
ouest, nord, ouvre armoire, prends
os, nord, fouette torche, pose fouet,
est, tire rideaux, arrache
papier-peint, ouest, ouest, pousse
peintures, frappe paintures, prends
bout-de-baguette, est, sud, sud,
haut, haut, ouest, dors, noue draps,

est, nord, ouest, est, nord, sud,
est, prends tennis, prends
mousqueton, ouest, sud, pousse
armoire, arrache goupille, lance
grenade mur, pose petite-clef, entre
mur, noue corde mousqueton, accroche
mousqueton anneau, coupe barreaux
scie, descends corde, donne os chien,
pose os, pose corde, pose mousqueton,

pose tennis, est, grimpe portail,
ouest, ouest, ouest, sud, dis
napoleon, sud, nord, est, ouvre
tonneau, vide tonneau egout, entre
tonneau, ferme tonneau couvercle,
ouvre tonneau, sors tonneau, est,
est, plonge eau, est, nord, drague
infirmiere, couche infirmiere, prends
scalpel, regarde infirmiere, sud,
sud, sud, est, ouest, sud, prends
taxi, dis newgate-bird, donne billet,

sors taxi, nord, ouest, est, sonne,
tue domestique scalpel, sud, est,
nord, prends bout de baguette, sud,
sud, nord, est, nord, sud, sud, nord,
ouest, ouest, bas, tire barreaux,
ouvre trappe, nord, prends
cure-dents, sud, est, nord, est,
brule allumette cheminee, ouest, sud,
sud, pose couvercle, rougis, nord,
ouvre porte cure-dents, ouest, ouest,

descends trappe, est, frotte
lampe-a-huile, ouest, sud, ouest,
est, nord, devisse pentacle
couteau-sacre, nord, dis
vade-retro-satanas, est, bois
fiole-bleue, frappe toi
baguette-magique, eteins lampe,
pousse chaise lampe, grimpe chaise,
devisse ampoule, appelle garde, tire
garde pistolet, nord, est, est, sud,
ouvre robinet, va helicoptere,
demarre helicoptere, va cabane,
regarde sabre, aide. fin.


Now, could someone release the english solution for me ?!?
arrakheen - 21/05/2015
Salut Bertrand.
As-tu posté ta soluce ??
merci !
Matt Huls - 29/04/2015
Thank you Bertrand! This game seems really interesting and I really like the pictures in the screenshot. I am going to use this game to brush up on my French.
Bertrand Le Roy - 17/04/2015
Hi there. The game's programmer here. I have compiled a complete solution for the game that I'll post on the forums as soon as my account is validated. I'll post the link here.
newbie - 08/07/2014
ok it was F2 I was not far ^^
newbie - 08/07/2014
Hello. What operations do I have to make when it ask to change disk ? I tried attach disk, FREE [side B].atr, F4 but nothing happened. Help !
Artifice - 11/07/2012
Hello, i'm also looking for the solution of this game i've never finished. In english or in french, they are very closed. If you have this solution please send me an email at artifice [at] efrei.fr, Thanks !
grenwald - 28/09/2010
You're very lucky to have such solution !
In France, game have been released on 4 disk sides,but I never managed to finish the first disk.

If you know where I could find a solution like yours,it would be great. I'm frenchso I don't have problems with this language (maybe I could hep to make an english translation)
Andreas Koch - 25/09/2010
one of the authors also created an english version of this game and sold it a) as a demo/freeware version (with 2 disksides) and b) as a fully commercial version (with 5 disksides).

I do have the solution for the french version (but I don`t own the french version!) and err, if you are good in both english and french, all you have to do is translate the french solution into english and voila. Tried it with the first two or three steps and it worked that way with the english version...
grenwald - 23/09/2010
I spent a lot of time on this game when I was young. A lot of puzzles and specific sense of humor.
Still now, i launch the game sometimes just for the fun.
Unfortunately, I never manage to finish it, so if someone have some guides to this games, it would be very great if I could have some helps.

Anyway, this game is still in my favorite top list of games
Vince - 25/09/2009
Game in french only but for me the funniest game ever, and my first real adventure game (next : tomb raider and resident evil).
The game was very long to charge and it was a test to pass, quite difficult for a young boy, to prevent copy. If the test was failed : game over, 10 minutes to reload, an eternity.

The game begins in a jail. You have to get out. The game understands words as "look at the wall" "regarde le mur" in french and it answers "i can see a brick bad scelled" so i write " take the bick out the wall" it answered "now there is only a big hole", so i said "look inside the big hole" and it said something like that : "how rude you are !!! You are fired of the game !!!"
I think the progammers have laughed a lot to make this unpolitically correct game. Lot of humour and kind of british nonsense.

I never managed to finish it.

Andrew Bernstein - 26/09/2006
FREE has to be one of the most humorous Adventure games on the 8bit Platform. It's way above other French efforts like Akanis Ula and Chimère (both by Pressimage) and especially a *lot* of fun to resolve. For years, I heard of a sequel or spin-off but has it been ever started ? Let alone published ? Anyway, this game is quite recommended... Just make sure you have a French / English dictionary handy !


FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape atari screenshot
FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape atari screenshot
FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape atari screenshot
FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape atari screenshot
FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape atari screenshot
FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - Text / GraphicsYear1985
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherEpsilon Software
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper-

Royer, Fabien / Le Roy, Bertrand

Graphic Artist(s)

Gauthey, T. / Raynal, J.

Medium Disk 


Cover Artist(s)?Serial-
Dumpdownload atari FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape Download

Additional Comments

Other versions with the same title:

Epsilon Software, Epsilon Software.

Many thanks to:
- Frédéric Beignard for scanning the inlay
- Sap1 for scanning the instructions
- Homesoft for deprotecting / converting the original game to ATR format.

Missing original disk image!


FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape Atari disk scan FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape Atari disk scan 


FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape Atari instructions FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape Atari instructions FREE - Funny Risky Evil Escape Atari instructions 


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