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RetroGamersHub.com - 20/04/2019
The rarity of this game is at 9 or 10. It is rare and very hard to find in cartridge form. Took me 2-3 years to find one.
John R. - 17/04/2019
Wow, that's a lot of hot air for such a mediocre game.
Monk - 15/04/2019
Just to add a sidenote: there's NOTHING wrong with the controls, the perspective, or the monkey side of things. They're equal, and once you learn it, it's just as easy and simple as any other game, you can even move very fast when you get the hang of it.

I don't understand why people have problems with the monkey, but not the kangaroo - it's identical, the other is just hanging, so it's a different direction. Once you learn it, you can adjust to it every time, no problems whatsoever. The monkey is JUST as easy as the kangaroo, you just have to alter how you view the perspective - the other is standing on the tiles, the other is hanging from the tiles, it's simple and easy and your brain learns it quickly.

Anyone having a problem with this, should check their brain.
Monk - 15/04/2019
This is a great, little classic that did excel also as a great port to the Commodore side. Both versions have pretty much identical, wonderful, exciting gameplay.

The perspective of the game is not at fault, you just have to realize the monkey is HANGING FROM the tiles and not JUMPING ON the tiles, like the kangaroo.

The differences between Atari and C64 versions are minimal - Atari has nice color effect on the 'inbetween' score text, and the music volume is more consistent (on the C64, it's ridiculously loud), the melody is slightly better on the Atari.

The C64 has a bit more detailed sound effects, and there's the color difference, where Atari has more shades, but the C64 has brighter tiles because white is used so much, so either can look visually more pleasing than the other, depending on your preference.

I happen to love them both.

You can't go wrong with either version, this Atari version is slightly better in atmosphere, because it was made first, and thus has more 'feel' to it, but the C64 is a delight as well.

First Star Software had a knack for making the different versions of their games very equal, at least when it comes to appealing visuals and good playability, and this is no exception.

It's a highly recommended game, but it can be come a bit tedious in later levels - anything after level 14 might put you to sleep a bit.
Pete Davison - 21/02/2019
A great game, but the Mitch the Monkey levels still make my head hurt 30+ years after I first played this. I'm not sure if there's something legitimately wrong with the perspective or if my brain just has trouble processing it, but I always found those levels to be a nightmare to navigate. All part of the fun, though!
Jonny EOL - 24/04/2008
A colourful isometric 'claim the squares' game. The rounds with the monkey were a bit tricky, though.
Yungstar - 30/10/2007
one of those games that plays well today and would be well suited as a remake on one of the handheld systems. a game that gets well used on my GP32 through emulation
malcolmm - 26/01/2007
Fun game, one of the better Qbert type games. The only negative is slight control problems which could lead to a bit of frustration.


Flip and Flop atari screenshot
Flip and Flop atari screenshot
Flip and Flop atari screenshot
Flip and Flop atari screenshot
Flip and Flop atari screenshot
Flip and Flop atari screenshot


GenreArcade - Q*bertYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherFirst Star Software
Players1, 2 (alt.), DemoCountryUSA

Nangano, Jim

Graphic Artist(s)

Stuart, Preston

MediumTape Disk Cartridge

White, Jerry

Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Additional Comments

Re-released on the Greatest Hits - Volume 1 compilation.

Missing original tape image!


Flip and Flop Atari disk scan Flip and Flop Atari disk scan


Flip and Flop Atari instructions Flip and Flop Atari instructions Flip and Flop Atari instructions


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 Electronic Games · March, 1984

You can add Flip the Kangaroo and Mitch the Monkey to the growing list of color-changing game celebrities which already includes Achmed (Pharaoh's Pyramid), Mr. Cool and, of course, Q*bert. These escapees from a circus alternate as the star character in one of the most charming yet challenging contests around.

Nangano has axed the now-familiar pyramidal stack of... [more]

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